Reimagined: ‘Summer Girl’ by HAIM

HAIM have made an ode to self and summer.

People make resolutions at New Year, which honestly just sets us up for failure. Why would you promise change when nothing, not even the weather, has changed around you? Wouldn’t it make more sense to roll with the seasons? Summer brings so much light, so much opportunity, life, growth. A chance to shed your former self and embrace what may or may not lie ahead.

Of course, there’s comfort in winter; in hiding behind thick jumpers and long coats we’re safer, less vulnerable to the judgement and analysis of the world. But in summer? We can’t mask ourselves so easily with bare legs and bikini tops. Sunglasses help, though.

The truth is I’m tired. Tired of hiding myself, of keeping up appearances – I’m done. No longer will I let others’ perceptions confuse my own sense of self: rejections and desire won’t be confused for validation, worth or lack thereof. All that I do I will do for me, peacefully and in control.

This is not a resolution, this is a revolution. It’s an open invitation to anyone else who is exhausted and bored of cowering from the limelight: join me. Peel back the layers, confront your demons, lie in the sun. Walk beside me, not behind me: know that by growing and outgrowing you are never taking a step in the wrong direction.

Smile. Roll with the seasons. Let the blue skies and warm breeze transport you somewhere you feel calm and safe. Then step out from the shadows, take off your jacket, and become Your Summer Girl.

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