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Choir Boy talk past, present and future

“Choir Boy” began as an insult given to lead singer Adam Klopp in his cover singing days in Salt Lake City. Now, it’s a dream-pop band making delicious tunes touring across America. They’ve been on a remarkable journey from Mormonism to music, and their latest stop was with us, The Rodeo.

Howdy! How are things going? How’s life?
Things are going well! We just finished our new record so I feel great at the moment.

How did music enter your life? 
I’ve always been interested in music! I have vivid memories of hearing songs as a kid and feeling the primal elation I imagine only children feel. When ‘There she goes’ by The La’s would come on the radio I would go to another planet. My sisters and I also loved listening/singing along to this cassette of the Muppets doing parody versions of Beach Boy songs. I also sang in church and school choirs growing up.

When and what made you choose to leave your past behind and become artists?
When I finished 7th grade I thought “time to leave my past behind and become an artist.” The summer before 8th grade I had a stroke of luck and outgrew my speech impediment making me a shoo-in as a singer for the local Dropkick Murphys cover band.

I don’t want to dwell on Mormonism too much as I’m sure you’ve been asked about it a billion times, but I wondered, do you take any that experience with you in your work?
I guess certain hymns may have informed my melodic tendencies. Also, I have to wear sacred Mormon underwear which makes me very sweaty when I play guitar so I now try to play guitar as little as possible.

How did you return to writing after your debut record? Was it something you did constantly anyway since it’s release?
It’s taken a long time to finish this record, but yes I’m constantly working on something! I didn’t approach it with a distinct concept at first, I just started writing songs one by one.

What do you enjoy in your music? What makes you keep going?
It’s super fulfilling to write and record a song to portray an abstract emotion or thought. Live shows are also great. I like to enter my gremlin mode.

You’ve said previously that you weren’t sure whether “place” affected your writing. What are the main things that influence and affect your songwriting do you think?
My experiences influence the themes, and the sounds/songs I like influence the melodies and sonic style.

What’s the plan for 2020? What can we expect from Choir Boy going forward?
Our new record is coming out in 2020 and we’ll be touring Europe and North America!

Listen to Choir Boy on Spotify and Apple Music. Get the latest edition of our print magazine featuring interview with Mattiel, Molly Burch, Matt Maltese, Black Honey and more HERE.

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