Joe Exotic

Our top 5 tracks by Joe Exotic

In the past month Netflix delivered another gem of a documentary revolving around the life of Joe Exotic. But what you might not know is The Tiger King himself has created numerous country tracks over the years so, of course, it was only right we ranked a list of our top five. So strap in Cool Cats and Kittens!

5. Because You Love Me

‘Because You Love Me’ is a classic Exotic song, exploring into his emotions and giving a good beat to tap your feet to. The best thing about this video is the unimpressed looks of the zoo visitor’s faces, which does put a small downer on the otherwise soulful song.

4. GW and Me

‘GW and Me’ is actually a tribute to Exotic’s lost brother, Garold Wayne. Its not often you see Exotic less than larger than life, but on this tune he takes a step back, puts his heart on his sleeve and his cowboy hat on the side. Rasp in his voice as he tells a tale of drink driving, its one for laid-back car rides in the southern sun.

3. Pretty Woman Lover

‘Why does this song rank up so high on my list?’, you may ask. Well, I love how the track revolves around Exotic singing about loving pretty women when he is openly gay. But that little inaccuracy aside, it’s a swinging country hit, with Exotic’s deep vocals bouncing off the bassline.

2. I Saw a Tiger

A heartwarming alt-country ballad that just makes you want to stretch your arms out in a cornfield. Its simple lyrics just strike a chord with you, so by the time the chorus falls in again you can also boom out your love for tigers. Orville, you’ve got strong competition here.

Our Top Pick: Here Kitty Kitty

Of course it had to be the iconic ‘Here’s Kitty Kitty’, a tune and music video dedicated to stating his enemy, Carole, had killed her husband and fed him to her tigers. It’s the right mix of dark and the blues, with Exotic’s sombre storytelling painting a delightfully colourful picture. You can’t get more Joe Exotic than this.

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