Psych-rocker NANCY shares his favourite oddities

From the beaches of Brighton, pop-art pop-oriented NANCY has risen through the ranks of the cities alt-scene. Before the release of his EP ‘Happy Oddities’ tomorrow, he let us in on some of his favourite unique tracks.

1. Will Powers – Adventures in Success

Who needs therapy? Why not help yourself with this charming cut from Will Powers (A.K.A Lynn Goldsmith)..Gender fluidity is something I’ve always embraced as Nancy from the very beginning, so this feels quite fitting place to start doesn’t it?

2. Sylvester – I Need Somebody To Love Tonight

Queen of androgyny, Sylvester coming in hot with this gorgeous cut. Listen mate, Sylvester was an enourmous driving force in pushing gay culture into the mainstream back in the day so get youself acquainted. It’s important, LGBTQ legend. 

3. Su Kramer – Magic Dance

German Vixen Su Kramer is here to show us how it’s done. I’m just saying, this drum groove is the only thing that matters in life. Period. Don’t take my word for it tho mate.

4. Kraftwerk – Computer Love 

Kraftwerk invented music, anyone who says otherwise is a charlatan. shut up. Computer Love is too classic to even describe so, get your shit together and listen to it already. Fun fact** they never did interviews.

5. David Bowie – Space Oddities

The undisputed champion of taste, David Bowie is my absolute all time favourite. This song inspired my E.P title ‘Happy Oddities’ – I thought it best to leave a small breadcrumb trail back to him, as a mark of my respect. The string arrangement is perfect, the guitar playing is sublime and they only went and got future ‘Yes’ man Rick Wakeman to play mellotron on it. Astonishing