Alex Gough shares his road trip tracks

Just pretend that we actually can go on a road trip… 

I spend a lot of time in my car and to be honest, having music while I drive is pretty essential. The tracks in this playlist are songs that have been on repeat through the car radio at different points throughout the day, I ordered them the way I would usually listen to them too, or where they tend to pop up through out the day. My rotation is pretty varied so there’s a lot of different stuff in there.

Deaton Chris Anthony – 1999 She
I only recently discovered Deaton Chris Anthony and I think I’ve started my day with this tune everyday since. Such a feel good tune and the production is so sick. He’s a really cool guy and has inspired me a lot since finding him. A good 90s electronic groove to start the day.

Justin TimberlakeLet’s Take A Ride
Justified is one of my favourite albums, no question. I spent ages searching for it on CD so I’d always have it on hand, ended up finding it for €1.50 in Dealz here in Ireland. Early JT is classic, especially with all the production from Pharrell and Timbaland and that. Let’s Take A Ride is my current favourite off the album but I’d happily listen to it all on my drive.

Easily one of my favourite collaborative projects, Anderson Paak and Knxwledge. Their album is amazing but recently I rediscovered this remix of Drugs from Paak’s album Venice. The way Knxwledge approaches his remixes is so cool and inspiring. I’m a huge fan of the vocal production on Droogs, the vocals alone is enough for me to have it on repeat in the car. Nice vibe for driving too.

SL – Bad Luck
Bad luck is a great driving song haha. It sounds massive in the car. I included this one cause everytime me and my brother are in the car it gets played. A lot of people have witness me and hum going mad to this song in traffic, pretty funny. I also love SL’s delivery on everything, really unique, its cool. Kenny Beats on the production too, always amazing. 

Miles Davis – Joshua
This is my short journey song. I always play it while I go to get petrol before I leave. Or if I just have to run to the shop, not much of a road trip but still haha. I listen to quite a lot of instrumental/Jazz stuff but Joshua is one I always come back.

Kendrick Lamar – Wesley’s Theory
Getting into the evening time music now. To Pimp A Butterfly is another one of my all time favourite albums. Everytime I play that album in the car I always start at the beginning and play it through, no shuffle ever. The opening track Wesley’s Theory obviously gets a play everytime. Probably my most played album on the road. I could write a book on what I like about TPAB but yeah, always on the road trip playlist.  

The Prodigy – Voodoo People
My dad’s CD collection in the car growing up was extensive and full of unbelievable albums. When I got my own car I robbed some of those CDs. Music For the Jilted Generation being the first one I robbed haha. Absolutely massive sounding album, and the perfect car journey music, to keep you awake if nothing else! Voodoo people is a massive tune, that guitar is so cool, and you get to play it loud in the car, playlist/car collection essential. 

Billy Joel – Movin’ Out
Me and my boy/guitarist Matt listen to this every time on the way home from college. Its on in the car so much, I’d be worried what would happen if I didn’t play it. Great groove and the melodies are so so good. Good singalong too haha. Obviously made its way into the road trip soundtrack. 

Due Lipa – Pretty Please
What a masterclass of a song. When we were in the studio back in august working on some live versions, we drove to form and from the studio every morning and this was the first song that was put on everytime. The whole album is great but this song is hands down my favourite. The production, the mix, the vocal performance, everything. Crazy. Sounds massive in the car everytime. 

Frank Ocean – Ivy
Blonde is my night time driving album. If I ever have to drive in the dark I immediately put it on. Makes me feel nostalgic for the summer in LA I never even had. Great driving album, shed a few tears on the road to this one. Amazing song from an a amazing album. All-time favourite for sure. If you drive, play this on a night time journey, thank me later. 

Alec Gough – GAME FACE
And one of my own tunes for good measure. I wrote this song with the intent of blasting it in the car while driving and I actually wrote some of the lyrics on journeys with the beat on the radio so I guess it fits. Woo! 

Thank you to The Rodeo for having me, enjoy your future roadtrips and give these tunes a play while you do, drive safe, wear a seatbelt 🙂 

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