Underlined Passages offer some free couples therapy

Underlined Passages picked a hell of a time to reunite after taking a step back from music a few years ago. The duo came together again merely one month before the world shut down. Yet, instead of throwing their hands up and moving on, they powered through and made a record.

The first single from that record is ‘Couples Therapy’, which takes us through the ups and downs of a relationship during the pandemic. It’s dynamic, moody and eclectic – the duo somehow fuse indie rock and hip hop completely effortlessly, whilst maintaining a sense of intimacy that befits its theme. And since they’ve concerned themselves with writing a song about pandemic relationships, we thought it would be fun to ask them for some personal advice, free of charge. You can find their romantic insight, along with an exclusive premiere of the aforementioned single, just below.

Jamaal Turner (percussion):
1) Relationships during the pandemic… Hmm…if you are new to the game, you may want to stay away from Zoom. Make sure you are getting as much face-to-face time as possible. 

2) If you have to socially distance and want to get intimate, throwing popcorn at each other from 6 ft. away and seeing who can catch the most in their mouth can be an arousing experience… maybe. Though it may just end in an argument.

3) Be open about attitudes about vaccination status right up front. If they are not into getting the vax, those lips you should not smacks… okay, that was a bad dad joke.

Michael Nestor (vocals, keys, guitars):
1) The pandemic is a great way to make excuses to perpetuate your latent antisocial tendencies. Don’t want to go on that date? “I have been exposed to COVID” is a great way to get out of it.

2) If you have a date on Zoom and go no-camera, you can multitask by getting that extra work done – catching up on extra emails and stuff. Just get a silent keyboard and you are golden!

3) Impress your date by memorizing all of the current CDC guidelines for different work/school/event scenarios and have them quiz you… this will definitely end up getting them excited for that second date.

4) Use those Zoom backgrounds to your advantage. Want to have a date in Paris? Well, get that Shutterstock picture of the Eiffel Tower ready!

The entire Underlined Passages discography can be found on Spotify and/or the streaming platform of your choice. Pre-save the single here.

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