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The New Eves are bringing hagstone rock to Fair Play Festival

Ahead of their set at Fair Play Festival in Machester on 6th April, we caught up with The New Eves, the Brighton band bringing magic and whimsy to the stage up and down the country with their combination of classic rock instrumentation and more traditional, folkloric sounds. We spoke to members Nina Winder-Lind and Ella Oona Russell about what inspires them and what you can expect to see from them in Machester.

What are your favourite memories of playing Manchester?
We played at Yes and got given fresh pizza and red wine for dinner, which really rocked our world.

Any other artists you’re hoping to catch at Fair Play?
We are fans and friends of Skydaddy and Ugly and we hope to catch their sets.

What can the audience expect from your set?
A volcanic eruption, a little sci-fi and a lot of holy.

What inspires you outside of the world of music?
We draw inspiration from a lot of different places. Films, literature, theatre, landscapes, lacemaking, love letters, dirt, flowers, birds… the list can go on forever.

I love that the cello and the flute are a big part of your music – are there any other instruments that you’d like to add in the future?
Definitely. We constantly want to add more instruments as our ideas grow and develop. At our last rehearsal, we dreamed up a brass section. A church organ would be amazing as well. And a cow horn. And synthesisers. And a choir.   

Explain the term “hagstone rock”.
A hagstone is a stone with a hole through it. You sometimes find them on Brighton Beach. In folklore, you look through the hole in a hagstone to see the truth. There is a lot of folklore and mythology in our music as well as punk and rock and roll. There isn’t really a genre to describe us so we just made our own. Also, we are a bunch of hags, who love rocks.

The New Eves’ most recent single, ‘Astrolabe’, is streaming now on all major platforms.

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