It’s a sizzling summer’s day on the beach and you’re sat with a group of mates and some ice-cold cider. Nothing matters and everything is, dare I say it, perfect? Those moments of pure joy as you dance along the beach, singing the day away, gossiping until your heart’s content, eventually passing out under the
stars and waking up shivering because at the end of the day, you still live in England.
On those sizzling summer days with a group of mates and some ice-cold cider, how
can you go wrong? Those moments of pure joy as you dance along the beach, shitly
sing the day away, gossip to your hearts content, and eventually pass out under the


After 4 years of a dream pop drought, Swim Deep return, armed with new music, ready to take you as far away from the shore as possible.

In the 21st Century indie boom, Swim Deep reigned supreme with their renaissance of 80’s dream pop meets 90’s shoe-gaze ensembles. They sent young teens wild, limbs flying in every direction, carnage created in front of every stage they performed upon.Teenage years were littered with their tunes, and even in the dreary British weather, you could feel the sun and the seaside breeze as each chord hit. Many fell in love with their ebbs and flows, their waves and troughs, their sandcastles and sea monsters…ok, I’ll stop with the seaside puns now. But the point remains, Swim Deep were key to every member of Generation Dark Fruits.

The 5-piece band shone as bright as their luminous instrumental, and then, out of nowhere they fucked off. Every day, you couldn’t help but keep wondering “where the hell have Swim Deep gone?” The ability to dive deeply into a synth melody was near impossible without our swimmers, nightmares each night over their whereabouts, the search to find a replacement, to find a voice as wispy as William’s was an impossible task.

So, upon announcing their return with new album Emerald Classics, even with two recently departed members, I am absolutely buzzing! The indie kids and their skinny bodies are ready to violently throw themselves at one another without a care in the world, one more time for their baby boys, who for so longed, before they ripped it away without so much as a goodbye, gave them so much joy. Swim Deep are back baby, Swim Deep are back…

Words by Tara Dalton

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