We’ve all been to a house party before and realised that the vast majority of the music is pretty crap. There’s always a switch of the aux cable that leads to an awkward silence as the next person’s shitty music taste is bestowed upon the party guests, waiting to see if there’ll be any bangers, and almost always, there are none whatsoever. So, here it is. The three stages of house party music.

1) The One Decent Song
Picture the scene, you arrive at the party hoping to have a top night, you get there and the music has been underwhelming, to say the least. But then, out of nowhere you hear it… the one song that makes your night. Whether that be a classic 00s hit, a current anthem, something back from the 80s or 90s, it’s what instantly gets you up on your feet and leaving thinking that was the best party ever.

2) The Embarrassing Song
Whilst on music control you feel as though you have all the power and you’re making
everyone’s night class. It’s all going smoothly, you’ve got a mix of rap, pop, old school hits
and the occasional RnB bop. But then, amongst all of these tunes, you suddenly hear your
guilty pleasure played out across the speakers. As you frantically try and turn it off you’re met with the eyes of many a disapproving guest.

3) The Aux Switch
This step normally follows on from the embarrassing song stage, and is equally as embarrassing, with someone coming up to you to ask if they can plug in their playlist. Not only have they had the cheek to interrupt you whilst you’re in your music flow, whilst you swear that that last song was just a minor blip, but you’re hit by the fact that everyone thinks that your music has been terrible. Cue the awkward silence as you switch over the music and the crushing of your DJing dreams in the process.

So there we have it, the three stages of house party music. We often expect too much from these situations and despite the disappointment of the music, that doesn’t stop us from doing it all over again the following week, or even the next day in some cases.

Words by Natasha Evans

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