I remember sitting in front of my TV, cereal bowl in one hand, TV remote in the other, and then seeing
the announcement on Disney 365. Devastation ran through my heart. The remote
was thrown and milk was all over the carpet. The Jonas Brothers had split up,
and oh how every teenage girl’s heart bled!
The Disney Channel dream days wouldn’t have been the same without the curly haired trio. Not only
were the JoBros heartthrobs, they were fucking pop music titans! The pairing of Joe’s deep vocals with Nick’s pubescent nasally voice blended to create the perfect mix of youth. Individually talented, but together were unstoppable forces in the pop music scene. Even years down the line I still find myself asking, are you a Joe girl or a Nick girl (100% team Joe myself), because to be honest who was ever a Kevin girl?
Then they broke up! Out of nowhere! They left everyone questioning, “This is the Jonas brothers, not
the Gallaghers, what the fuck are they doing?!” See, I guess the breakup was karma for taking Busted’s Year 3000 and putting an American twang onto it, but let’s not go into that shall we?
each brother grow into someone new, whether it be a solo popper or reality tv father, made you feel a part of the family, and you just couldn’t help but want to see your estranged famous cousins do well.
After 6 years of silence, we finally were invited to the family reunion we all longed for. With the release
of Sucker, your aunts were two stepping, your dad was bitching about modern music and you and your favourite cousin were hiding away chatting about the good ole Disney days. The JoBros are back and upholding the rep of one of thee best boybands pop music has ever seen.

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