The Weekly Round-Up (12/07/19)

Party Hardly – Rats In The Kitchen
Leeds lads pull punk politics and set some things straight. There is generational divide today, and there is misplaced anger today, but this cuts out the crap and sticks in some sharp and cold reality into the inequality.

Mikill Pane – Mikes Back (ft. Romesh Ranganathan)
Erm Romesh? What are you doing here? This is a dece track, plenty of nice looping electronic pops, synths and some of those high hat things that rappers love. “Mikes back” apparently, but without correct grammar *Mike’s Back…

Purple Pilgrims – Love in Lunacy (Saturn Return)
Dreamy sci-fi space stuff is possibly my favourite combo in any art form. After a week-long come down from finishing Stranger Things this feels like a refuge far away from home. It’s something and somewhere to cling onto when you feel lost in space.

Frank Turner – The Death of Dora Hand
The concept behind Turner’s new record is admirable, but unfortunately, the execution thus far has been somewhat underwhelming. Thankfully, a honky-tonk guitar solo – and the fact that this is, after all, Frank Turner – keeps this tune from being completely forgettable.

Nonô – Million Dollars
*tiss t t t tissss* a la Lana Del Rey’s trappy mixes, this is somet’ empowering and resilient, melody full and hopeful. Nonô is for everyone, someone that can help us all feel a million dollars.

Bon Iver – Faith
This. This is the Bon Iver we love so deeply. The falsetto that’ll make your heart bleed, and the uplifting break that carries a ‘ready-to-love-again’ sense of hope. A strangely joyful song.

Bon Iver – Jelmore
As a short and slightly jilted track, reminiscent of our boy’s last album, this isn’t an easy one to settle into. I can see it working within an album, acting almost as an interlude, but am sadly unconvinced of it as a single.

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