The Weekly Round-Up (26.07.19)

The U.K has lot the plot this week. It’s very hot and there’s a baboon in charge. Taylor’s back and ‘Ste’ from Stranger Things is now a musician. Here’s all the music you probably missed

Taylor Swift – The Archer
This is why I love Taylor Swift and why I will defend her against anyone who dare diss her. Yeah, ‘ME!’ was very questionable, ‘You Need To Calm Down’ was classic bubblegum Taylor, but this one, this is a mature, empowered song that’s steady and self-assured. Roll on August 23rd.

Metronomy – Walking In The Dark
This song baffles me. It’s nowhere near as painful as ‘Salted Caramel Ice Cream’ is, but it ain’t exactly Metronomy’s best work, is it? Joe, we get it, you’re there if we need you.

Carla Del Forno – Took A Long Time
Forno takes you on a futuristic day ride, here are some words to describe it; ethereal, beautiful, dreamy, smooth, cool, airy, sublime, bassy, synthy, noice.

Weird Milk – Honey I’m Around
A tune that feels like coming home to a lovely and warm house in winter, or going on a boat in the Mediterranean and jumping off it into the sea, or having a pint in a beer garden… it feels like just about any good thing really so it’s got to be good.

Salute – Feel the Same
This is the soundtrack to going through the racks at a shop, picking out something that’s taken you by surprise, trying it on and realising you look fucking good. End of.

The 1975 – (Self-Titled)
Anyone else bored of them opening every album with a narcissistically self-titled song? Me too. But this song doesn’t feature Matt Healy and instead is a powerful speech on climate change from Greta Thunberg, who talks a lot of sense. So instantly, it’s the best thing The 1975 have ever done. No qualms from us this time.

Working Men’s Club – Teeth
Sirens sound as the gates of hell open and the working men rise from the mines to start a riot against the rich and wealth who control our shithole of a country. Get your teeth stuck in, there’s a new band in town and their taking over, from the bottom up.

Alex From Glasto – What Ya Kno’ Bout’ That Bro?
Speechless. Speechless that someone thought this was a good idea. Speechless that Alex said yes. Speechless that this is a real thing. Surprised? Not really. It’s what a capitalist society does. Sorry to bring the mood down.

Lil Nas X, RM – Seoul Town Road (Old Town Road Remix) feat. RM of BTS
Lil Nas X is possibly the most audacious man on the planet right now. Who else could release the same song 14 different times with nobody getting bored of it. These constant remixes define what the streaming age is all about. Reuse, reproduce, repeat etc. But he’s funny, and it’s country, so we dig.

Marika Hackman – All Night
After the pop bounce of the other two, Marika’s released a menacing number. Did we mention the gates of hell have opened?

Liam Gallagher – Once
It’s like if Miles Kane took some sleeping pills, chilled out a bit and fronted Elbow.

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