Girl Ray

Girl Ray – Girl

Girl Ray
Girl Ray – Girl
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Sun-kissed harmonies welcome you to Girl by Girly Ray, the new synth-pop explosion bringing summer to you all year long. In the jaunty guitar riffs you can feel the sand between your toes and waves crashing over your feet, washing away work troubles – yup, that printer that’s always broken? Consider it fixed.

The threesome’s toe-tapping change of sound brings that little ray of sunshine wherever you are, transporting you to a world of bright blue skies and busy beaches. Shimmering synths taste like bountiful fruit cocktails cooling you through this lyrical daze. You can’t tell if it’s the booze or the bassline that’s made you fall in love with Girl Ray, but in this heat you can’t help but swoon.

As the album falls into its last chorus, the beach clears and the sun sets upon the horizon. With each key, the steamy weather falls to a gentle breeze, and you slowly drift away, back to reality. The beautiful day comes to a close, but as you check the weather report (and press the replay button), it looks like it’s going to be a hot one all year long; now you’ve got the album to accompany it.

Haiku Review
Girl Ray are on hols,
Whilst I am bloody freezing,
Autumn? Fuck right off.

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