The Round-Up (22/11/19)

Confidence Man – Does It Make You Feel Good?
Yes, yes it does. It makes you feel incredible. It makes you feel free. It makes you feel… confidence. The unique Aussie duo are back, ready to get you dancing, in some sort of post-Hacienda work-out. They don’t want to be your mate, they don’t want you to even enjoy it that much – they just want to get you moving. And boy, do they do just that.

Anna Calvi – You’re Not God
You might not be God, but Anna Calvi’s vocals are truly heavenly. Seductively dark, with a riveting bassline, this short but dark tune is one that runs shivers down your spine as if a spiders eight legs are trodding down your back. It’s an eerie beauty, and one best appreciated at midnight, in only the light of the stars.

Boy Azooga – O Silly Me
A song for the existential apparently. Despite that, this calming tune is truly heartfelt and feels full of tentative optimism. You’ll either be feeling sleepy or teary from the instrumental second half, definitely a song to catch but not a major bop.

Charlotte Lawrence – God Must Be Doing Cocaine
Not an unreasonable assumption given the current state of society – if you didn’t feel miserable about the world already, this oughta do the trick. There is, nonetheless, a beautiful sound created around the morbidity of this track: it’s a thorny rose worth picking.

Delilah Holliday – Rise of the Phoenix
This song has all the sultry charm of Lana Del Ray, if she’d had a little sordid affair with Amy Winehouse. Delilah’s rising is earthy, smooth and not out of place in a really dreamy elevator. All big girl legend rhythm without the hairspray and cocaine. We like it.

Field Music
The perfect song to get groovy to. Don’t listen if you’re worried about your finances though: consisting mainly of the word ‘money’ the song is as politically charged as ever for the band, and for that reason worth a listen.

Griff – Sound of Your Voice
Hot. Damn. Now that’s how you write a pop song: Griff had me hooked within the first ten seconds. The vocal arrangements are insanely intricate and the hooks just don’t let up – ‘Sound of Your Voice’ listens like a HAIM song if they knew when to stop repeating a chorus (sorry, sisters, I still love you!). I’m still smiling.

JGrrey – For Keeps
Pop music for millennials who miss TRL. That’s what this is. It’s a catchy enough tune, but what really shines is the production, which manages to capture a certain “throwback-Thursday” element expertly. An album full of songs like this is very intriguing. Some might say… it’d be a keeper. (Get it????)

HAIM – Hallelujah
I’m not crying, you’re crying.

The Lathums – I Know That Much
This track is like a dream, like reliving every happy road trip and campfire you ever experienced as a teenager. A thoroughly joyful song to take your mind off this bleak winter sky.

Twisted Wheel – Black and Blue
A nod in admiration to Sylvia Plath, this track is about being lost with the world around you. In the midst of a general election campaign, it’s a great ode to the chaos that’s about to move up a gear

Local Natives – Nova
This song made me feel a little uneasy. It’s as simplistic as it is extra-terrestrial; an Interstellar inspired track about the lovely haze which comes along with falling in love. But however sweet this may be, the disjointed nature of it just outweighs the sentiment, and makes you feel a little antsy. Let’s put it this way… if this track was a meme, it would be the iconic “I am confusion” video

Noel Gallagher – Wandering Star
Take Noel’s first solo album and stick it in a blender with Christmas bells and a clear need for cash. You’re now drinking Wandering Star.

Silverbacks – Sirens
Catchy baselines and relaxed vocals make for a tune reminiscent of a popular 00s banger. This is Silverbacks latest attempt to recapture that nostalgia and bring back those sweet, sweet memories.

Soccer Mommy – Yellow is the Color of Her Eyes
A bold ballad, reaching seven minutes in length – meaning you’re going to cry for twice as long as you usually would.

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