Do Nothing

Do Nothing don’t waste time in Newcastle, bish bash bosh

Tucked underneath the Centre For Life, firmly in the middle of what’s known as the ‘Pink Triangle’, is Think Tank? a dark, dingy box lined with images and a red-lit low set stage. Those who braved the cold and wet half-filled what is effectively a nice basement, a sweaty and hot, nice basement. 

Whatever the weather, the scene was set for a difficult first night in Newcastle for the lads. From the get-go Do Nothing oozed swagger and grit. And, with the blunt attitude of The Fall and a lead singer reminiscent of a young Jarvis Cocker, their spoken-word-cum-rock sounded more northern than Nottingham – they were more at home than we thought.

As relatively new faces, Do Nothing wanted to make a point at ThinkTank?. Not focusing on extravagant movements on stage or an excessive light show, they got on, smashed through 35-minutes, thanked everyone for coming and walked off. Bish Bash Bosh.

The performance swung on lead singer Chris Bailey’s lecturing lyrical approach. He plants one foot on a speaker and leans into his stories of friends fucking each other and the problems of claustrophobia. Bailey stands like a weather-worn statue; his grey suit and drunken gesticulations resonating more than any politician’s interview with Andrew Neil.

Overall, it was refreshingly honest, a trait often lost amongst new bands focusing on their appearance – and witty Instagram captions. Do Nothing performed with clarity and precision, and though cliche, their music did the talking. There was no arrogance, no self-indulgence and no stupid shit, good on ya lads.

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