San Cisco talk travel, music memories and Australia

After releasing their brand new single ‘On The Line’, we had a short and sweet catch up with San Cisco’s Jordi Davieson about their musical upbringing, travelling around the world and sunny Australia.

You write with a happy angle to a lot of sad situations, is music something you use to deal with life?

I think it is for sure, whenever I’m struggling through something I find it very helpful to write. 

How did music enter your life? Who or what gave you this love?

Both my parents are quite musical, they play sax and they met in a jazz big band, mum used to take me along to a lot of dads gigs from the ages of 0 to 4. Miles Davis, Lou Reed and David Bowie were also on repeat around the house so I think that’s where it all started. It wasn’t till year 7, in primary school, that my friend Albert Loss showed me how to write your own music.

You’ve been releasing things for a few years now, what would you say to a younger version of yourself, just embarking on this musical journey?

Enjoy it and take it all on because its a pretty amazing experience.

Playing festivals means a hell of a lot of travelling. Do different places, different cities and people, influence or help your writing process?

While I’m on the road I don’t do very much writing, but I think the people I meet and the small notes I take of the stories I hear definitely inspire me to write when I get home.

Outside of influences, what do you think reflects the kind of music you create? A film maybe, or a person?

Apparently our music is very “Summery” so maybe summer reflects our music?

Australia is creating some brilliant artists at the moment, why do you think this is happening? Or has it always been the case?

I think the Australian music industry is very supportive and there are lots of opportunities for up and coming artists to be found and given the opportunity to play more shows and grow.

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