Miya Miya

Miya Miya are mattress fire starters

The UK based four-piece first connected at university and it wasn’t long until they created a songwriting team, carving their name in the industry (even reaching number 1 in Japan). Now, 2020 marks the year of MIYA MIYA with EP ‘Cold Blood’ coming out tomorrow.

What’s it like growing up together, from university students to young adults? What did you all study at university?

It hasn’t been too long since we all left university, but we’ve been on a whirlwind ever since. We were all studying music at university. 

As a band, your style fits together so well, do you have any fashion icons? Any outfits of there’s you wish you could steal?

We’ve always loved the classic look. Leather jackets, messy hair and t-shirts that we wear all week. Lady Gaga’s meat dress is on order. 

A song you worked on ‘All Night Long’ hit Number 1 in the Japanese charts, was that quite a surreal feeling? 

Yeah, it almost didn’t feel real. It was incredible to work with such amazing artists anyway, but when it hit No. 1 in the Billboard charts, it completely blew our minds. To be honest, it still doesn’t feel real yet. 

In the Underwater music video, we see Miya Miya in so many different locations, but which location did you have the most fun shooting in?

We were lucky enough to film at an incredible derelict house, where we shot a lot of the video. One of our favourite moments from filming there were the fire shots. 

Initially we were going to set fire to the mattress in the lake, but the owner of the property suggested we do it in the swimming pool. We literally had 5 minutes to get the shot, before the diving board broke, and the mattress burnt out!

Also, shooting the underwater scenes, was it a bit nerve wracking? What was it like working with divers on your first music video? 

To be honest the excitement took the nerves, holding your breath was one thing but for Gini, trying to swim in a floor length dress was pretty challenging. The divers were incredible, they were there to help us breathe underwater. 

The chorus states a feeling of being able to “feel like you can breathe underwater”, but is there anything that makes you feel that weightless?

The feeling of writing a new song comes pretty close and being able to share with everyone is even better! 

Your second single is based around a “Hometown” – what’s the first place you would take newcomers to in your own hometowns?

Straight to the pub.

Underwater is definitely an anthem, just showing you guys are here to make yourselves heard! But what can fans expect in the future from Miya Miya?

Thank you so much! Our next single Hometown is out right now, and our EP is out on the 26th June. We can’t wait to start playing some shows, so we’ll keep you updated!

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