The Round-Up (03/07/20)

Courtney Marie Andrews – ‘How You Get Hurt’

I’m always impressed by the artists who properly understand that less is more. Courtney Marie Andrews is one of them. Instrumentally, “How You Get Hurt” is delicate but emotionally it is heart-wrenching. 

Baker Grace – ‘Up All Night’
Teaming up with Cautious Clay on production, Baker Grace has released a pop track for late night drives. Windows down, volume up, ‘Up All Night’ is the perfect backdrop to letting your thoughts run wild for a few minutes. Indulge yourself.

Ganser – Emergency Equipment Exits
‘Emergency Equipment & Exits’ is a little bit chaotic, isn’t it. Something about that guitar riff swirls around your head, spinning you into Ganser’s little typhoon. The immersion is enough to put you on edge and leave you more than reeling. I’m a bit dizzy, to be honest.

Gus Dapperton – Post Humorous
I overheard someone say yesterday that Gus Dapperton sounds like Urban Outfitters smells, and I don’t think I’ve heard anything more true. “Post Humorous” is yet another example of this signature sound. It takes its time to build the atmosphere, but rest assured this is yet another hit from Gus.

Phantom Isle – ‘MAR V’
The introduction to this song had me smirking within a few beats – sometimes you can just feel that a long build-up is heading somewhere great. The sound of ‘MAR V’ is epic and drawn-out, with guitar riffs for days and a drumming that can’t stop, won’t stop. Very nice indeed.

The Lathums – ‘All My Life’
Out today, this new single is as wholesome as toast n honey – probably just as sweet, too. The guitars are reminiscent of some breezy summer’s day, relived now only in a car-ride daydream. Nostalgic and raw, this is a love song for us all.

Josie Pronto – Wales
A lovely acoustic track about that runaway kind of love which you secretly wish was attainable. It’s tender and it’s heartfelt, with a veil of vulnerability; an anomaly in the usually upbeat Proto Pop. Nevertheless, it tugs on your heart strings in the same way that The Notebook does. N’aw.

Regent – Time to Loose the Blues
Regent hold their hearts on their sleeves in their third single of the year. The track about moving forwards gives a hint of 90s nostalgia with Oasislike guitar and a Vervelike soft beat. It’s one to watch the sun set too, and know you can get through the next day.