Photo by Charlie Cummings

The Round Up (21/08/20)

Track Of The Week: Arlo Parks – Hurt
One of the best new songwriters around has only gone and produced a pop song. It’s got all the brilliance of Arlo’s previous releases, all the subtleties and all the feeling, but you can dance to it. Lovely stuff.

Camila Fuchs – Sun
In essence a slow and building electronic rhythm, ‘Sun’ starts out inquisitive before evolving into a surreal and oddly confronting space – music to vibe in the dark to, maybe?

Chartreuse – Enemy’s Belly
‘Enemy’s Belly’ is an intimate and melancholic track laden with the beautiful vocals of lead singer Michael Wagstaff. The track’s patient but pressing instrumentation keeps the song almost literally ticking forward in a calming but urgent sensibility.

Couch Prints – Tell U
New band from New York delivering some calming, sultry vibes. Bit like popping a candle on after cleaning your flat.

Common Saints – Summer Sun
It may be pissing it down currently but this tune is pure window-down sun-up stuff. I’d go as far as saying get the shit-shirt on and the paddling pool out tbf. Why not? It’s still summer, isn’t it?

Death Valley Girls – Hold My Hand
‘Hold My Hand’ takes Patti Smith and Stevie Nicks, smashes them together and creates one gorgeous tune. Bouncing rhythms, wailing vibrato and a looping sunset sound. Proper grand.

Frequent Traveller – Liquid Sunshine
Fancy a bit of dub on your Friday? Course you do. Who doesn’t? Well, electronic producer Steve Spiro went on a world tour and brought ‘Liquid Sunshine’, a cracking dub and reggae infused cut, back from Jamaica – who knows how he got through airport security with that…

Yukon Blonde – In Love Again
‘In Love Again’ has a wonky indie-dream vibe complete with warm bass, picked phasing guitars and a lovely and wispy harmonised vocal: perfect for bus journeys, countryside walks, exploring, gardening or overthinking things.

Juanita Stein – The Mavericks
You know that half-baked state you find yourself in when you wake up at 3am, disorientated, thinking it’s time to get up when in reality, you’ve got a few more hours sleep left in you? Well, Juanita Stein’s new song sounds like that, but much more pleasant. It captures a dreamlike state sonically, but warns of the ups and downs of life lyrically.

Jens Kuross – The Foxhole
An apt song for the post-1am slump: just about the time when the TV channels turn into live betting broadcasts, and the only thing keeping you from nodding off is the endless Home and Away reruns. Time for bed.

Jude the Obscure – Chapter 8
Here’s a little something to relax to: ‘Chapter 8’ by Manchester-based artist Jude the Obscure. Could imagine this one playing over the sound of a trendy cafe that calls itself an ‘artisanal coffeehouse‘.

JWestern – Call You Right Now
Glittery pop with a banging beat. That’s it. That’s the soundbite. Take it or leave it.

Tempest – High on My Own
Switching between the expansive sound of David Gilmour and a pacing and driving grind, ‘High on My Own’ gives you the best of both worlds. The come up and the come down – noice.