The Round-Up (02/07/21)

Track of the Week:
Molly Burch – Took A Minute

One of our favourite songwriters is undergoing a big ol’ pop makeover at the moment and we’re loving every second of it. A self-loathing love song full of intricacies and intelligent lyricism, ‘Took A Minute’ also relies on a pounding beat and a chinking piano to create a song Kylie or Madonna would be proud of.

Also new this week…

Anika – Rights
The whirring electronic sounds permeating into your psyche as Anika’s spoken-word verses are distorted slightly. This is the sound of someone determined to make a mark on their return.

Breakup Films – Sally Rooney
Presumably an ode to the critically-acclaimed author, this is a pretty upbeat indie song with clear Britpop influences. Bringing the past into the present one chord at a time.

Sister – Hideaway
The subtle plucks of an acoustic on this track sound like the rise and fall of a wave. The harmonies that filter in are like that warm hot chocolate on a rainy day.

girlpuppy – As Much As I Can
This new one from girlpuppy is a real hopeful, optimistic sounding track with interesting instrumentation that keeps you coming back. Her soft vocal is also a dream. Love it.

Rainn Byrns – Country Living
This is just textbook country rock. A croaking vocal on top of a bobbing guitar line, ‘Country Living’ is proof that simple-but-effective is still very much the key to writing good songs at times.

TV People – Out of the Silence
Dublin rockers TV People channel their inner Editors with this commanding, gothic-sounding number.

Wings of Desire – Choose A Life
No, this isn’t some knock-off Trainspotting anthem – although the chorus might have you mistaken – but instead is the new release from Wings of Desire, a bombastic, euphoric project that brings together guitar sounds of New Order with modern tropes found in Working Men’s Club and Sinead O’Brien’s releases.

Hauskey – One Minute
Hauskey’s typical laidback vocals lend themselves easily to the ‘fresh out of 2000s RnB’ vibe that ‘One Minute’ revels in. It’s all delicious guitar lines and flirtatious frustration, buoyed by the airy lightness of Hope Tala’s voice. The definition of a summer sizzler.

Vanessa Gimenez – Doing Better
Luscious soundscapes and introspective lyricism from the Vanessa Gimenez here. With intimate lyrics drawing you into a tale of romance, abuse and healing, it tells its story whole-heartedly and without restrain.

Nnic – Chase Dream
The latest single from Irish singer/songwriter Nnic is a thought-provoking affair with strong FKA Twigs and Billie Eilish influences shining through. Residing in the liminal space between ethereal pop and twitching electronic ballads, chase dream finds its home.

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