The Round-Up (05/08/21)

Track of the Week:
Zuzu – My Old Life

Hello? Anxiety’s calling. Literally, that’s how the music video for ‘My Old Life’ starts. Zuzu is a clear disciple of ’90s “pop” artists like Natalie Imbruglia and Alanis Morissette; there’s something achingly familiar about this song. Maybe it’s just that these days, any reminder of simpler times is a more than welcome escape. Or maybe it’s just because it’s a damn well-written song. Either way, she hits the mark.

Also new this week…

Adia Victoria – Magnolia Blues
Saying a song gives you a sense of an epic saga can feel a tad contrived in today’s irony-led world. However, Adia Victoria’s new single ‘Magnolia Blues’ immediately puts you in the authentic spurs of a horse-rider, travelling the troubled southern states of America. Call it authentic, call it real; this track has a quiet bravado and an atmosphere that few working in the blues genre can muster.

Voka Gentle – Horse Latitudes
A glorious mixture of layered textures and tones, ‘Horse Latitudes’ is a vibrant-yet-thumping new single from Voka Gentle. I’m not gonna lie this is probably my go-to stomping track from now on – hell of a chaos to this and it really, really slaps.

Nation of Language – This Fractured Mind
While this song could be compared to the music 6Music presenters play just to pass 15 minutes or so without having to do any proper work, the extended intro eventually ends and the song develops into a rather pleasant number, with strong ties to 80s bands such as New Order and Pet Shop Boys.

Karima Francis – Stay
There’s something incredibly beautiful about a new songwriter who writes directly with purpose and doesn’t get bogged down in metaphors. Putting it all out into the world, Karima Francis ain’t afraid to get vulnerable.

The Howlers – Never Enough
All the elements of a gritty punk rock track here. The buzzing riffs, driving bass and astute vocals from lead singer Adam Young. Like so many of The Howlers’ recent releases, it evokes confidence and assures the listeners that they’re fully aware of their potential for great music.

Twin Atlantic – Bang on the Gong
Not sure this is what they were intending, but this song’s got me feeling a bit… sexy. The video adds to the whole vibe, a formally dressed man and a trio of female backup dancers all gyrating on a set that looks like it was lifted straight out of the 1960s. I mean really guys, come on: I’m married. You’re gonna get me in trouble.

Declan Welsh & The Decadent West – Talking to Myself
The melodies Declan Welsh has crafted here are so damn good, ‘Talking to Myself’ might as well be one giant chorus. If The Strokes stopped being so… “Strokesy”… and wrote a pop-rock record, it would probably sound like this. Can’t recommend this one enough. Declan: you’ve instantly got yourself a new fan.

Nijuu – Totti
This is not an ode to Roma legend Francesco Totti. At least I don’t think it is. Instead, it’s a dreamy indie pop number that’ll brighten up your day amongst all this summer rain.

Mumble Tide – Good 4 Me
There are guitars in this that sound like The National’s trademark sound. The vocal is softer that Berninger’s baritone instrument however, leading to a less evasive listen.

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