The Round-Up (01/04/22)

Track of the Week: STRABE – Life on Pause

Y’know, writing a solid love song is not as easy as it looks but STRABE have managed to crack the code with ‘Life on Pause’. Just be careful – you’ll likely fall in love yourself listening to this track, your feet dancing in place whilst the words echo in your head for the rest of the day. Ah bliss.

Also new this week…

Tamzene – Cut Me Out of Your Photos

‘Cut Me Out Of Your Photos’ is booming with character. Tamzene’s vocal is captivating, her songwriting intriguing. Definitely one to watch!

Mia Wray – Rerun

Mia Wray’s new one is all about trying hard, dreaming big and taking risks. Maybe I’ll wear those pink hot pants tomorrow after all.

Superorganism – It’s Raining

It’s definitely not a coincidence that this track came out on a day where the heatwave ended and the heaven’s opened. Cheers for that, Superorganism. This one is typically wonderful and typically weird, it’s a pleasure to have these oddballs back releasing tunes.

Alannah Moar – Hoy

This a lovely, uplifiting pop song full of harmonies reminiscent of Oh Wonder. Paying tribute to the power of intimacy and the incredible landscape of the track’s namesake island, this is a strong return from Alannah.

TATYANA – Treat Me Right
Electro pop really hits the spot Doesn’t it? ‘Treat Me Right’ takes me firmly back to 2010; a time when things were simpler and you just had to remember to brush your teeth, go to school and play Xbox. Ahh the good ol’ days.

Alex Lahey – This Kiss

Why yes, this is a cover of the Faith Hill classic of the same name from 1998. Alex injected a whole lot of energy into it so it kicks some serious ass too. What a tasty slice of nostalgia pie – goes great a la mode too.

Milly – Illuminate

Looks like we’re spending a bit more time in the ’90s this week. Milly deliver a powerful slice of late ’90s-esque emo with a nice grungy edge. It’s equal parts gentle and aggressive and… fuck, it just rocks. Crank it up.

Rosey Carney – dad

I think this is what the kids call ‘shoegaze’? Whatever it is, it’s lovely. Rosey’s voice glides along like it’s delicate, fine china. Quite soothing here in the wee hours of the night.

CAT SFX – Rodeo

Okay, now these bands are just pandering. How could we not listen to a song named after our website? (Legally we have to tell you there is no declaration whatsoever that CAT SFX have named their latest single after our website… that being said, it’s certainly succeeded at making this cowboy headbang a bit tonight)

Skinny Lister – Like It’s the First Time

Skinny Lister have always felt like the perfect opening act – a band that can get the crowd properly pumped and sweaty. ‘Like It’s the First Time’ is no exception – look no further than the music video for proof. It’s a catchy three minutes of folk-rock.

GUISE (feat. Emily Barker) – I Know When You Leave

Wow. The beginning of this song – an acapella duet between GUISE and Emily Barker – stops you dead in your tracks. The instrumentals barely get above a whisper, letting these two talented vocalists take center stage and shine. Gorgeous stuff.

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