The Round-Up (24/06/22)

Track of the Week: DJO – Change

Joe Keery isn’t just the hero of the most popular show on Netflix currently, he’s also making moves in the music world with his project DJO. New single ‘Change’ takes the weird and wonderful synth-pop of Mini Mansions and lines it with a thick bassline. Is Keery the coolest cat in entertainment currently? Probs.

Also new this week…

merci, mercy – Black Cloud
Cut from the same cloth as contemporaries Lorde and Billie Eilish, merci, mercy graces us with some honest-pop (a genre I’m trademarking) gold. ‘Black Cloud’ is equally easy to relate to as it is to sing along to. Love it.

Avery Lynch – I’m Sorry…
This is a formula for stardom right here. ‘I’m Sorry If I Hurt You Sometimes’ is destined to soundtrack an Apple TV original movie someday soon – hell, it may even be the name of the film too. I’m casting it in my head as we speak…

Pet Needs – Get on the Roof
A little bit noughties indie, a little bit ’70s punk, a whole lot of energy. Pet Needs are giving it their all on ‘Get On The Roof’, a track that’s just begging to be belted out. Be the best main character, get on the roof and listen to something cinematic

Two Door Cinema Club – Wonderful Life
Two Door Cinema Club are one of the most consistent and underrated bands of our time. Yeah, I said it. It’s been a few years since we’ve gotten any new material from them, but ‘Wonderful Life’ was worth the wait. It’s classic 2DCC with a glossy sheen on top. What’s not to love?

Stella Donnelly – Flood
What an absolute delight from Stella Donnelly this week. Seriously, there’s something about this song that just feels like it’s giving you a hug. There are even knitting metaphors in the lyrics and the vocals are top tier. Check out the super-sweet music video, too.

Tove Lo – True Romance
We’re all a little embarrassed this week since we learned that we’ve collectively been mispronouncing Tove Lo’s name this whole time. Let’s make up for it by giving our full backing on this cinematic, atmospheric piece of pop. Roll on Dirt Femme.

Santigold – Ain’t Ready
Santigold has dropped the cool, gritty track ‘Ain’t Ready’, taken from her new upcoming album Spirituals. The single is bold and focused, as Santigold’s icy vocals hammer against a dark, pounding beat. As always, Santigold is one of pop music’s most talented (and underrated) heroes, especially when it comes to experimentation and reinvention.

Milly – Nullify
Milly brings us a straight feel to the 90s with ‘Nullify’. We see the band create that Oasis feeling that has took since the 90s to recreate. Is this the new indie summer hit? It might just be.

The Snuts – The Rodeo
It was really kind of The Snuts to name their new single after our magazine. We’re super honored. Really. The fact that the song kicks ass makes us feel even cooler. La la la la la la…

Fairmont – Old Devil Moon
It’s not often you hear a modern indie rock band cover a song from the ’50s, but it’s a pretty cool exercise. Part of a compilation of “jazz/soul standards” re-imagined, this Sinatra cover has got enough swagger to make those Ol’ Blue Eyes gleam with pride.

Allison Lorenzen – Heaven is a Place On Earth
Handmaid’s Tale should have done for Belinda Carlisle what Stranger Things has done for Kate Bush. Allison Lorenzen takes Carlisle’s underrated classic and turns it into something gloomy and sluggish. If you’re going to cover a song, this is how you do it – turn it on its head and make it your own. This is a delightful success.

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