The Round-Up (12/08/22)

There’s a song in this week’s playlist called ‘Tit Pic’, and honestly why did it take so long for such a song to exist? Elsewhere, there’s some road trippin’ stuff, some heartbreakers, and even a song that Weird Al would probably appreciate far more than we did. We’re nothing if not unique, over here.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Marlon Williams – Easy Does It

Here it is: the perfect song for the heatwave we’re having this week. Dreamy, beachy vibes with a dreamy, beachy music video to match that makes you want to drop everything, load your mates into a car and get to the seaside. Or at the very least, sit in your back garden with a drink in hand. Well timed, Marlon.

Also new this week…

Buggs – Mother
Buggs’ ‘Mother’ is a mellow embrace made up of stunning harmonies and is thick with the theme of unforgiving femininity. Lined with earnest acoustic strummings, ‘Mother’ feels cathartic and is certainly an eye-opener.

Holly Riva – A Memory
Australian Holly Riva debuts with gut-wrenching pop, detailing the grief of break-ups and learning how to handle tough turmoil. Riva’s strength and determination only grows throughout and is frankly inspiring. If you’re in a burning out relationship, this track is bound to guide you in the right direction. (The Rodeo is not responsible or liable for any failed marriages)

Mia Wray – Evidence
If you’re looking for an Adele surrogate, Mia Wray might be your gal. Her commanding vocals guide the whole song effortlessly from start to finish. Admittedly, things get a little edgier with each chorus, so let’s call it Adele with heavy black eyeliner and fishnets. Sign me up.

Pale Waves – Clean
Upon the anticipated release of their latest studio album, Pale Waves have returned with new single ‘Clean’. With a bursting introduction bringing fans right back to the punky, rock inspired sound they know and love, the instrumentation of the song is the standout feature. The verses allow Heather Baron-Gracie’s vocals to have an isolated moment and fit nicely with the love-inspired lyrics, yet the chorus and bridge bring together the best of the band’s talents. If this is anything to go by, I have high expectations for the album!

Office Culture – Big Time Things
Kind of feel like I’m listening to Richard Cheese covering Father John Misty right now. Or maybe vice versa. Not a big fan of weird for the sake of weird – just sing in a normal key, please. Big Time Bummer, this one.

Goldpark – I Guess It’s Never Enough
Goldpark’s vocalist manages to cover three different ranges in just over three short minutes. Impressive, eh? ‘I Guess It’s Never Enough’ is a surprisingly fantastic tune – surprising simply because I’ve never heard of these lot before. The song introduces enough changes as it cycles through to keep it interesting, all the while maintaining a groovy motif that would not be out of place in your favourite TV show – unless that show is Stranger Things, of course. The band will have to wait thirty years for that kind of exposure.

Bailey Miller – 222
It’s fitting that Miller uses angel numbers as the title for this track because the whole thing feels very ethereal. Her floating, high-pitch voice combined with soft banjo plucking makes this seem like it came straight out of another realm. Only complaint is that it’s a bit tricky to actually hear the lyrics in the mix, but that can be fixed by a quick read – it’s only 16 short lines after all.

Pixey – I’m Just High
Pixey has a real knack for soundtracking the summer, so she’s in her element here. Here, she sings about a kind of love that’s intoxicating to a fault with groovy riffs and thumping drums. The chorus will quickly get stuck in your head – not that that’s a problem in the slightest.

Girlpuppy – I Want To Be There
Becca Harvey, aka girlpuppy, has released her latest single ‘I Want To Be There’ – a melancholic, folk-pop track that’s sure to be added to your country road trip playlist.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Burning
Long live the noughties, and may Yeah Yeah Yeahs never leave us again. ‘Burning’ is their latest single, driven by simple pianos, bold electronics and Karen O’s perfect, indie vocals. There’s a darkness behind ‘Burning’ which comes through in whispered backing vocals and somewhat ominous imagery. It’s a little bit haunting, and we can’t get enough.

October and the Eyes – Tit Pic
This is the song that plays when the main character leaves the grungy bar with the guy who everyone knows is trouble, but she’s in her rebel phase so she doesn’t care – yeah, it’s specific, but I know you know the song. Coming at 5:01, it’s a bit long for my taste, but it’s got some interesting guitar and keyboard in the back. It’s a bit of a niche pick, but worth a try, if only to see if you agree with my scene choice.

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