The Round-Up (23/09/22)

This week, it’s all about the ladies. Indigo, Courtney, Margo… to name a few… they all deliver us tunes we just can’t get enough of. And on a completely unrelated note, our new mag is officially on sale. So while you’re listening to this, you should totally pick up one of those. We’ll even include this link right here because we’re nothing if not convenient.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Indigo Sparke – Hysteria

The phrase “voice of an angel” gets thrown around a lot, but I’m pretty sure Indigo Sparke actually lives up to the cliche. It only took 30 seconds to become completely enamored, and now I’d like her to sing me to sleep every night, please. Simply put: ‘Hysteria’ is absolutely gorgeous.

Also new this week…

Courtney Marie Andrews – These Are the Good Ol’ Days
“I wish there was a way to know you were in the good old days before you actually left them,” is one of the standout quotes from hit American series The Office. (Lol) Seems like Courtney’s figured out what Andy Bernard couldn’t, and is embracing her good old days one awkward dance move at a time. The song is as lush and moving as you’d expect from such an expert songwriter, a sure sign that next month’s new record will be brilliant.

CIEL – Back to the Feeling
Announcing themselves with a quick paced drum beat and a deep, distorted bass line that pairs nicely with high vocals, CIEL are coming in hot with ‘Back To The Feeling’. The track’s bouncing chorus keeps that momentum racing forward from beginning to end. By the breakdown, you’re completely hooked on their punk-flavoured indie rock.

Margo Price – Change of Heart
Love us a good minor key, Americana tune. ‘Change of Heart’ happens to rock pretty hard as well, giving us major Jason Isbell vibes. Bonus points for the sweet red cowgirl boots in the video – think I might need to pick up a pair for myself after hearing this one.

Jessica Winter – Choreograph
Maybe it’s because we’re getting blasted with techno beats, maybe it’s the corny lyrics – ‘Real love can’t be choreographed…’ – or maybe it’s the insanely high-pitched vocals, but this one has to be ripped from an animated children’s movie. Otherwise we can’t find a home for it. The whole thing is so saccharine our teeth hurt and we aren’t sure the dentist trip will be worth it, even for that nice move to piano in the last minute of the song.

Night Flight – Crazy (Work on Me)
Feels like we’re listening to Ryan Adams, except with none of the shame. This is a great tune to kick off the Fall, with some pretty impressive falsetto vocals to boot. We’ll be keeping a close eye on Night Flight.

Blue Violet – Favourite Jeans
Blue Violet have a real knack for the cinematic. ‘Favourite Jeans’ is a more stripped back approach to their sound in comparison to previous songs, but it’s no less powerful. Sarah Gotley’s voice is angelic and the duo’s lyrics are in top form.

Girl Scout – Do You Remember Sally Moore?
We love some classic indie punk and Girl Scout delivers with this rowdy tune about a long-lost high school crush. It’s got a great hook from the beginning, both instrumentally and lyrically, because who hasn’t flipped through old yearbooks to see how messy you and your mates looked back then? We love this debut single and if you’re a fan of Beach Bunny or Remember Sports, you will too.

Nilufer Yanya – Rid of Me (PJ Harvey cover)
A true artist can really make a track their own, making the listener forget it’s a cover in the first place. Yanya does this perfectly here. ‘Rid of Me’ is a spot-on rendition choice for her gentle, moody sound.

The Clockworks – Advertise Me
Kind of a Sam-Fender-gone-punk vibe here. ‘Go through the motions to sell the emotion…’ is a pretty good summation of the lyrical content here, and honestly, I’m all about the anti-capitalistic sentiment. But even if you can’t get down with that, the song rips so get on it.

The Murder Capital – A Thousand Lives
You know we stan The Murder Capital over here – so when we caught wind of a new single coming less than 24 hours ago, we had to squeeze this one in. Adventurous, brooding and full of twists and turns, it’s a perfect complement to the ever-approaching spooky szn. Good to hear from you again, TMC.

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