The Round-Up (28/10/22)

We’ve been off for a couple weeks – heard we missed some big album last week or something. Can someone let us know? We’ve been immersed in this lot instead.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Sigrid – Blue

Stripped down and intimate, ‘Blue’ has more in common with Joni Mitchell or First Aid Kit than it does with the expertly-crafted, underground pop that we’re used to from Sigrid. Though, apparently she’s incredible at both because ‘Blue’ is stunning. Something about it just feels like a good cry that comes on at a random point in your day. I needed that today.

Also new this week…

Midnight Rodeo – The Big Melt
This song sounds like what technicolor should look like and if that’s not high praise for psych-pop then we don’t know what is. With guitar and drums giving us all that 60s rock, the band also gives us that 21st century synth goodness, all tied up in a trippy bow by Maddy Chamberlain’s bewitching vocals. Yes to all of it and keep it coming, if ya don’t mind.

Pop Vulture – Lionel’s Big Problem
Eat the rich and bring your pitchforks and let Pop Vulture’s new single, ‘Lionel’s Big Problem’, be the anthem to your revolution.The four-piece are particularly on time with this because we all love economic crashes right? Even better, Sharply delivered vocals give enough grit to leave room for coarse riffs whilst shining synths jab in and out at times, creating that glorious vision of tearing down towering office blocks of stock traders.

STONE – Money (Hope Ain’t Gone)
Liverpool’s STONE know how to cause a riot, and the incendiary ‘Money (Hope Ain’t Gone) is keeping with that habit of theirs. It’s a ferocious expulsion of anxieties and an attempt to cling to a slither of hope. A bass line that embeds itself in your mind, frustrated lyricism and a clang of guitars to drive home that anger, on their latest track, STONE are a fire that refuses to be put out.

LS Dunes – Bombsquad
Sure, LS Dunes might quickly become your new favourite super group, but they also might quickly become your new favourite BAND. Another single from their upcoming debut, ‘Bombsquad’ is equally as frenetic and in-your-face as the rest of them, and it’s got us real excited for what’s coming in a couple weeks.

Blossom Caldarone – Fridge Space
While she may be singing so sweetly, Blossom Caldarone is going to be logical with you: you’re starting to expire in her eyes and frankly, she needs her fridge space. Seriously, this tune sounds quite lovely and peaceful, but when you get down to the lyrics, she weaves in some fantastic insults to an ex. Mind if we steal some?

Lime Garden – Bitter
Lime Garden have been generating a lot of buzz lately, and their new song ‘Bitter’ keeps that hype going strong. Playing around with fast and slow parts, Lime Garden keep you on your toes with funky indie riffs peppered throughout the new single. Their headline tour starts next month, so you might want to get in on the ground floor before they really blow up.

Julia Wolf – Dracula
It’s a teenage love turned horror story, featuring a dark pop beat to match Wolf’s Jennifer’s Body aesthetic. Her discography is filled with dark tunes like ‘Hot Killer’ and an album titled Girls in Purgatory so this new track comes as a ready addition to that line. Press play and sink your teeth in.

Nico Paulo – Now or Never
There’s no doubt that this is a beautiful track, but it’s definitely a “right time and place” song. We kept waiting for a hook that never fully materialized, but if all you want is to simply close your eyes and fall into a blissfully flowing sound, you’d do well to get swept away by Paulo.

Algiers (feat. Zack De La Rocha) – Irreversible Damage
Algiers were there at the very genesis of the post-punk revival in the mid-2010s, and as they launch a new era with ‘Irreversible Damage’, it looks like they’re ready to turn the genre on its head. For a start, they have Rage Against The Machine’s Zack De La Rocha lending a hand – if that’s not a massive seal of approval, I don’t know what is. ‘Irreversible Damage’ is intricately detailed and packed full of influences across the musical spectrum.

The Velvet Hands – Telephone Love
Not sure if this song is about innocent adolescent romance or full-on sexting, but it’s pretty catchy. Bold move putting a vintage Nokia on the cover though – kids these days ain’t gonna know what they’re lookin’ at. Good thing we don’t judge a song by its cover o’er here.

The Academic – Pushing Up Daisies
A lovely slice of throwback indie rock, right here. Takes me back to the glory days of all those “the” bands, which, I guess is another way The Academic fits into that era. Extra points for the Beach Boys-esque vocal bridge they snuck in there.

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