The Round-Up (18/11/22)

Was supposed to be vying for T-Swiz tickets this morning. Guess not. If anyone needs me I’ll be crying under the bleachers with a photo of my high school crush… or something Swiftian like that.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Holy Moly & The Crackers – Hot Red

This song has every bit of badass energy you need coming into the weekend. Ruth Patterson and the rest of the band have crafted a bluesy rock tune for the classic femme fatale and we love it so much we’re blushing. You might even say we’re…hot red.

Also new this week…

Death Valley Girls – What Are the Odds?
Ever wonder if we’re all just living in a simulation? Well, so do Death Valley Girls. Repetitive riffs add to the Matrix-glitch vibes of the track with layered vocals giving it a lovely depth. It’s a little bit bizarre, and that’s what we love to hear.

two blinks, i love you – i love you
This song features some breathy vocals that almost feel detached from the strong, repetitive guitar riff that pulls the piece together, but it fits the whole “intimate moment” vibe of the tune. And if you’re despairing about winter? Hop in for some spring birds and even a flute to bring back the flowers.

Shortwave Radioband – So Long, The Hopeful
Not quite ska, not quite pop-punk but definitely somewhere in between, ‘So Long, The Hopeful’ is easy to root for. Between the horn, the upbeat tempo and the catchy melody, I’m more than hopeful that Shortwave Radioband will hook you.

shame – Fingers of Steel
With each major release Shame refine their sound more and more, ‘Fingers of Steel’ doesn’t shy away from that either. It’s as if they’ve merged the sounds of their previous two albums, anthemic and bold like Songs of Praise but darkly metaphorical like Drunk Tank Pink. If this first single is anything to go on, people are going to be lapping up their forthcoming Food For Worms.

The Linda Lindas – Groovy Xmas
Look, I’m a no-decorations-til-December kind of gal, but if there’s one thing that keeps pulling me into the festive spirit, it’s rock bands putting out Christmas songs. And since The Linda Lindas are my literal heroes, ‘Groovy Xmas’ was always going to be a winner – come on, their cats, Nino and Monica, even make an appearance. This is going straight on the Christmas morning playlist.

Sydney Worthley – How Soon is Now?
If you’ve found yourself googling “best songwriters I’ve never heard of” lately, look no further. 21-year-old Sydney Worthley is a powerhouse that would make Hayley Williams proud, yet also quiets down into something more akin to Phoebe Bridgers at times. ‘How Soon Is Now?’ is a long awaited new single that showcases some new synthy instrumentals, all behind that incredible voice. Keep an eye on this one.

Alex Lahey – Shit Talkin’
‘Shit Talkin’ is classic Alex, with snappy lyrics and an earworm chorus straight out of 1999. It was a pleasant surprise to pop up on my morning commute – Alex Lahey never fails to deliver.

Nina Cobham – What is This?
‘What Is This?’ is a delightful bilingual bop from Nina Cobham. With bossa nova style music and lo-fi pop vocals, this is the perfect chill out song. We’re looking forward to hearing what she shares next.

Mia Wray – Stay Awake
No risk falling asleep during this one – you’re gonna have the urge to dance, in fact. This is a catchy af, few-frills pop song. I’ll have more please, Mia.

Bria – Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?
Kick starting what will be her second volume of country covers, Bria absolutely crushes her rendition of this 90’s Paula Cole classic. Without losing the haunting element that’s so integral to the track, she brings country into synth-pop territory with an excellent result. We’re on the edge of our seats waiting to see what she’ll choose next.

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