The Round-Up (10/02/23)

Few days before Valentine’s Day, we hear. What’s on your playlist? Are you a “love is amazing” type of person? Or a “love is shite” one? With this week’s round-up, you don’t necessarily have to decide, but if you’re in the former camp, you should probably consider ordering those flowers you’ve been putting off all week.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Cameron Hayes – Sold My Soul

‘Sold My Soul’ is just an incredible song. A wicked vocal performance atop a rather gothic sounding instrumental. You’ll be hard pressed to find something as powerful as this this week. Cheers, Cameron. [TF]

Also new this week…

Sir Chloe – Hooves
Everything on the new track from Sir Chloe has been turned to 11, and I’m not just saying that because half the insturments sound like they’re peaking constantly. The song has an infectious energy that have you dancing whether you want to or not by the end. [HP]

Boyish – Girls Are Mean
Girls Are Mean is a song that floats just below the surface for most of its runtime, occasionally peaking a bit, and fully erupting at the end. ‘I could get better,’ sings India Shore as the exploding insturmental overtakes her voice and fades into the beautiful end of the song. [HP]

Ayleen Valentine – anesthetized
At risk of sounding like a total festival bro… this song VIBES, yo. The warbly piano is a trip, and the occasionally hip-hop-esque vocals from Ayleen lend a nice unique touch to this bedroom pop jam. Wouldn’t recommend hackeying the sack to it, but it’s a fantastic quick listen nonetheless. [TF]

Mychelle – Hurts
Mychelle really has a way of tugging at your heartstrings with her cosy, intimate songs. ‘Hurts’ documents the very end of a relationship into the early days post-breakup, hitting you right in the emotions. This is another winner of a music video, too, with a very special shout-out to those mates that help you through the dark times. [VG]

E.R.I.E. (feat. Sydney Worthley) – World is on Fire
It feels like the world is constantly burning down these days, and E.R.I.E. and Sydney Worthley explore every part of that experience in this track. From the personal wishing of having done more with one’s life, to the very real and big picture issue of the planet literally catching on fire way too often, ‘World is on Fire’ captures our anxieties about the future. [HP]

Thandii – Give Me a Smile
Fantastic instrumental, skittering drums, sauntering bass-line, tambourine and something akin to slowed robotic bleeping creep coolly along but it has to contend with a vocal that’s a smidge distorted and trying too hard to seduce, leaving half the lyrics sadly unintelligible. One line I can make out is ‘I really love your vibe…’ and for now, with the words lost in the mix, that’s all this song is. [SL]

Downtown Kayoto – Run From You
A bit indie, a bit hip hop, all dynamite. ‘Run From You’ is a quick, punchy track, coming in at just under 2:30 and every second of it is infectious. David Thompson’s voice hits all the right notes, creating some dynamic vocals, sometimes at impressive speed. If you didn’t have Downtown Kayoto on your playlist before, add them before you’re running to catch up. [RG]

Harriette – Goodbye, Texas
‘But when you don’t own a gun / It’s a lot less fun / So goodbye, Texas…’ sings Harriette in the chorus of ‘Goodbye Texas’, an exploration of identity, location and how those parts of us can influence each other. Texas is connected to Americana on such a deep level, but even for those who love that part of the state, the overwhelming right-wing politics can become too much. [HP]

The Nude Party – Hard Times (All Around)
Not sure they were going for a euphemistic pun with the title of their new single, but I applaud The Nude Party for the result regardless. The band’s new single definitely sounds like a party, though more of a honkytonk one. Cannot vouch for whether or not it would be good to experience in the buff. [TF]

Coach Party – Micro Aggressions
Micro aggressions. We all know them. We all hate them. Now, thanks to Coach Party, we’ve got an anthem to rage against them too. Fluctuating between high-speed electric guitars and moments of calm, ‘Micro Aggression’ takes charge in a very empowering way. [VG]

Esther Rose – Chet Baker
This folksy track gives us a little country with a slight hint of rock and a whole lot of fun. Esther’s voice shines as she navigates the genres she’s placed together as she manages a slight twang with a little rock edge in her voice. The guitar and other strings create a bouncy, light melody that keeps you dancing and swaying along. Put it all together and we’ve got a clean, enjoyable tune that you’ll have on repeat. [RG]

Mia Wray – Happy
‘I’m so happy, like I should be’
Mia Wray sings on this slow, self-reflective pop song. Intense and powerful, the plodding piano and hopeful lyrics provide an oxymoronic feel, that results in an incredibly emotive track.

Lip Filler – Haircuts
Need a haircut, me. It’s getting long, it’s getting thick, it’s getting increasingly hard to comb it into a respectable style every morning. If only getting a haircut was as easy and smooth as this new one from Lip Filler, the latest signees to acclaimed label, Chess Club Records.

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [VG] Vicky Greer, [SL] Sam Lasley, [HP] Holden Predmore, [RG] Rory Graham

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