Shelf Lives consists of vocalist Sabrina Di Giulio and guitarist/producer Jonny Hillyard

The Round-Up (17/02/23)

February sure does fly right by… It may be the shortest month of the year, but of course that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of great new songs releasing every week. This week in particular was surprisingly busy, maybe bands want to release alongside Valentine’s? Whatever it is, we have lots of great tracks for you because of it.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Shelf Lives – Bite

Newest track from up-and-coming duo Shelf Lives delivers on its title with biting blastbeats and electronic hits in the go-big-or-go-home chorus. The song effortlessly bounces between those intense sections with lighter more melodic parts, and it all comes together to make something very unique and exciting. [HP]

Also new this week…

Tove Lo – Borderline
Everything on the new track from Sir Chloe has been turned to 11, and I’m not just saying that It’s always good to hear from Tove Lo. The video for ‘Borderline’ depicts a bunch of sentient crash test dummies which becomes a bit creepy, but the song is anything but. It’s a certified pop banger with an excellent hook – but Tove Lo is no stranger to such things, so I can’t say I’m surprised. [TF]

The Lemon Twigs – Any Time of Day
The Lemon Twigs love for the ’70s is as clear as ever in their newest track and its delightfully retro-styled video, but this song goes above and beyond a simple nostagic homage. The excellent and crystal clear production makes it easy to pick out each insturmental and voice, all of which has been crafted to fit perfectly together. [HP]

Nightbus – Way Past Three
An eerie anthem for the night owls among us. This whole song sounds as if it is blanketed in a gentle haze, and it’s lovely. Zone out a bit and hop aboard the night bus. [TF]

lobby – in the wall
So much of my favorite music can be described as feeling like its being played right there in the room with you, and the first ever track from lobby fits that vibe perfectly. Formed by Lottie Pendlebury of Goat Girl and Toby Evans-Jesra of leather.head, this new band captures that lo-fi indie feeling immaculately. [HP]

beabadoobee – Glue Song
There’s something so… springlike about beabadoobee’s new single. I can just picture her animated, running through a field with bluebirds on her shoulder. Or maybe that was a dream I had… I don’t know. Either way, this is lovely. [TF]

Caroline Rose – The Doldrums
After discovering Caroline Rose a few years back when ‘Loner’ released, it has been fascinating to watch her grow as an artist. Her latest single mirrors that growth, starting subdued and understated and swelling to an epic emotional and musical climax. [HP]

Island of Love – Grow/Blues 2000
The “2000” in the name of this track feels a little misleading, because this song screams ’90s indie rock all over. Covered in fuzz, shredding guitars, and epic singalong choruses only undercut by the lack of enthusiasm it seems to be sung with, and all of that is before the perfect second half kicks in. [HP]

Flip Top Head – Seventh Bell Number
As a bit of a jazz-head myself, I am always interested to hear how people try to fuse it with other genres and Flip Top Head’s fusion is one of the most unique amongst the droves of lo-fi or vibey jazz-rock fusion groups. Not to say they don’t vibe, they definitely do, it’s just a bit more intense and with a little bit more oomph in the horns. Oh god those horns, more please. [HP]

Teleman – Trees Grow High
Gentle acoustic guitar strumming over a bumping groovy bassline might sound like a strange combination, but Teleman uses it to create a vibe unlike any other. Somehow both upbeat and exciting, and chill and relaxing, this is a song that makes me just want to smile. [HP]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [HP] Holden Predmore

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