The Round-Up (03/03/23)

Welcome to March, and welcome back boygenius, who’s gifted us a gorgeous track of the week this week. Be sure to check out the rest of the playlist below, as well as our supplemental round-up of unsigned selections for Bandcamp Friday, where you can support underground artists by putting more money in their pockets. Win/win.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: boygenius – Not Strong Enough

Are you ready to get wrecked? No, not like that. I mean emotionally. Phoebe, Julien and Lucy are back with another single off their upcoming LP, and you don’t even really need to listen to it to know it’s phenomenal (though, you should, obviously). The lyric ‘Always an angel, never a god…’ gutted me in all the right ways, and I’m officially so excited for this record I can’t contain it. boygenius is definitely at the top of our most anticipated list for 2023. [TF]

Also new this week…

King Isis – taste of u
The feeling of knowing something is bad for you butting wanting it so desprately anyways is a hard pill to swallow, but King Isis makes it go down easy on this new song. Featuring a simple little guitar line that will get stuck in your head for days, taste of u has a groove so infectious it almost makes you forget the song is about a toxic relationship. [HP]

Whenyoung – Rubiks Cube
Rubiks Cube’ is one of those effortlessly cool songs combining high-energy dance beats with a more laid-back indie vocals. Whenyoung are completely genreless on this new single, without losing a certain spark that makes them stand out from the crowd. [VG]

Same Side – Now
With all the sonic qualities of Clarity-era Jimmy Eat World, this is sure to delight fans of the nostalgia-emo revival. ‘Now’ moves along at a steady, slow pace, led by gentle low-range vocals before a sudden explosion of guitars that’ll do a fine job at waking you up if you’re having a slow start to the morning. [TF]

Mary Middlefield – This One’s For You
We’re a little late to get this on the round-up, but with Mary Middlefield’s album about to release we couldn’t not include something from her here. Her most recent single gives every reason to be excited for that album, that outro gives me chills every time. [HP]

Drug Church – Myopic
Go on, add some sick riffs to your playlist this week. Swerving between more melodic verses and gloriously heavy choruses, Drug Church provide you with everything you need on ‘Myopic’. [VG]

Momma – Bang Bang
Fresh off a short tour with Death Cab, our favourite ’90s grunge revivalists are back with another banger of a standalone single. I’m not 100% sure what “it” is… but Momma certainly have it. [TF]

DanDlion – All The Way Up
I hate to say it, but I think DanDlion released this track too soon, because if this came out in a couple months it could’ve been the song of the summer. Even as we are still feeling the back end of winter, this track makes me remember that it’s starting to warm up outside. [HP]

Youth Lagoon – Idaho Alien
After eight years, Youth Lagoon is back. Even after nearly a decade, their unique voice and straightforward yet slightly experimental songwriting haven’t aged a day. A triumphant return for one of Idaho’s signature indie acts. [HP]

Slow Pulp – Cramps
Slow Pulp caught me by surprise in 2020, here was a band I didn’t really know dropping their debut album and it blew me off my feet. Well they’re back and doing it again. This single snuck up on me and Slow Pulp have shocked me again by turning up everything to eleven and boy does it work. [HP]

Bonny Doon – Naturally
Finding someone you don’t need to rush with is a special thing, and that is what Bonny Doon capture completely in this song. The lyrics make the theme clear, but even if this was an insturmental song I think that feeling would come thorugh, everything here is playing in perfect harmony. [HP]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [VG] Vicky Greer, [HP] Holden Predmore

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