The Round-Up (10/03/23)

This week included International Women’s Day, so naturally, we were keen to feature as many badass female artists in this week’s round-up as possible. So, not much different from a normal week, really. Onward.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Tiny Ruins – Dogs Dreaming

I often wonder what dogs dream about, don’t you? Can’t say you’ll find the answers within the new Tiny Ruins song, but it’s filled with such summery joy, both you AND your dog will enjoy gallivanting through a field with it. [TF]

Also new this week…

HotWax – Treasure
The best punk songs do one of two things for me: they either make me want to pick up my guitar and try to play along, or they make me want to shout along with the chorus in a mosh pit. Treasure by HotWax makes me want to do both. Do I need to say any more? [HP]

Balancing Act – Before I Shoot
Energetic, propelling drums star in this track that offers us a sublime slice of alt rock. The vocals give off that melancholic vibe which pairs perfectly with the mix of minor-toned guitars and synth-y sounds. While this song would sound great at any time, I can’t help but picture it soundtracking a film scene where the misfit main character finally flees their hometown in a fit of frustration (feel free to give me credit when this vision comes true). [RG]

Legss – The Landlord
Go on, add some sick riffs to your playlist this week. Swerving between more melodic verses and We need a genre for post punk bands that lean into being unsettling so much, maybe horror rock or something? Whatever you want to call what The Murder Capital and Preoccupations do, Legss are doing it too on their new tracks and that rock atmosphere is as compelling as ever. [HP]

Birdy – Raincatchers
The best word to describe Birdy’s new single is cinematic. It’s got a Kate Bush quality about it – propelled by a driving orchestra section, Birdy’s voice soars into the ether. Quite an awesome video, too. [TF]

E.R.I.E. – Bad Man’s World
Raucous and racing, this new track from E.R.I.E. takes on the world’s biggest challenge – finding your place among a ‘Bad Man’s World.’ Sporting clever lyrics and guitar that makes you want to leap out of your seat and jump around, they’ve just about knocked it out of the park. [RG]

Bleach Lab – Indigo
I’m so easy, if you start your song with driving drums and a glittery, reverb drenched guitar line I’m already sold. It’s only because so often intros like that are followed by a song like Indigo, something a little dreamy, a little rock, all awesome. [HP]

Chloe Gallardo – God is Dead
With the wistful qualities of Azure Ray and Phoebe Bridgers, Chloe Gallardo delivers something incredibly special here. That’s not to say it’s not devastating though. ‘I was a child, he was a man / Hope to god we’ll never meet again…’ goes the chorus. So yeah, get ready to feel some things. [TF]

HMLTD – The End Is Now
HMLTD is a band where I could not have even begun to guess what they were going to sound like following their excellent 2020 album West of Eden, and this song lives up to that. No complaints, its an excellent song that is still recognizably HMLTD, and it only makes me that much more excited to hear where they will take their unique sound next. [HP]

The Tallest Man On Earth – Henry St.
Minimalist, delicate and emotive, Kristian Matsson is back at it again with the title track to his upcoming LP. His distinctive vocal carries this song, seemingly floating miles above the soft piano in the background. An odd choice for a single, but a beautiful one, nonetheless. [TF]

Spanish Love Songs – Smile Like you Mean It
It’s a cover you didn’t know you needed. While musically the song doesn’t differ a whole ton from the original, it’s lead singer Dylan Slocum’s vocals that really take this song into a different direction. He doesn’t try to pull off Brandon Flowers; he’s simply himself, and it suits the song remarkably. [TF]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [RG] Rory Graham, [HP] Holden Predmore

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