Fair Questions: Keg

Welcome to Fair Questions, our precursor to Manchester’s Fair Play Festival on 1st April. This time we are chatting with Keg! The seven-piece art-punk band out of Brighton are known for having fun and will be a highlight of the festival for sure. Read on below, and snag your tickets right here.

What excites you about Fair Play Fest?

It’s always nice to play Manchester, we haven’t actually played there too often and we’ve always had a nice warm welcome. Fair play fest always has a banging line up and seems like it’s run by some good peeps.

Do you have any other artists at the Fest you are excited to see/wish you could see?

Piglet. I’ve been playing their live session on repeat, ‘dans note’ has to be one of the most beautiful tracks I’ve heard in the last few years, havnt had chance to see them so can’t wait to cry my little peers out to them.

Any album plans?

We’re writing furiously with the hope of hauling a big bin bag full of tunes onto an album if anyone’s interested 👉👈🏻

What’s the story behind being a 7-piece punk band?

Everyone needs one in their local area, we were just in the right place at the right time. 

What are the benefits and disadvantages of being a 7-piece?

Benefits, we usually manage to create quite quickly as many hands make light work. We have a varied set of skills so we can all contribute something unique. There are hundreds of disadvantages, mainly logistical ones, but who wants to hear about those ? 

How important is humour and fun to the band?

It’s a big part for sure. The band was kind of born out of loving hanging out with each other and having a laugh and that’s a lovely thing to be able to now we’re getting the opportunity to play all over the place. Lyrically, I always appreciate when you can hear someone’s sense of humour through their words it can be a nice shortcut to understanding their point of view, but don’t get us wrong we’re an incredibly serious band with incredibly serious hair.

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