The Round-Up (17/03/23)

Spring is taking its sweet time to get going, but good new music is always there to get us through the long late-winter days. I know you need that as much as I do, so I won’t keep you from our picks any longer, enjoy.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Esther Rose – Safe to Run (feat. Hurray For The Riff Raff)

Sometimes, everything is just too much, and you need to escape. I know I’ve been there, driving down the coastline, no destination in mind. Esther Rose and Hurray For The Riff Raff perfectly capture the feelings a trip like that holds, from the freeing feeling of air rushing by to the realization that you can never drive far enough to escape your problems. It’s all wrapped up by a hypnotic coda that stuck in my mind long after the song ended. [HP]

Also new this week…

Ruby Joyce – Boy Pitch
Ruby has given us an absolute light of a track here: soft and beautiful vocals with airy guitar carry us through the outset, only to be *spoiler alert* upended in the bridge by an edgy rock tune. It caught me off guard and I LOVED it. I might even call it genius. And the fact that it’s all about “the boy that I met instead”? Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, it’s a creative revenge anthem. Press play on this one ASAP. [RG]

Shit Present – More To Lose
Sometimes you just need an upbeat song about how everything sucks and how it’ll never get better. Maybe it’s been one of those weeks (it has), but this song is fucking catchy and I’m here for the blunt cynicism. Put your windows down, your volume up, and thank me later. [TF]

tinyumbrellas – Life of an Extra
‘Life of an Extra’ has a bit of that “indie movie soundtrack” vibe to it, which makes a lot of sense given the topic I suppose. As someone whose watched a lot of cheesy indie films, that sound is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, and this scratches the itch amazingly. [HP]

Tribe Friday – Swimsuit
I didn’t know that “bubblegum emo-pop” existed until I read the YouTube description for ‘Swimsuit,’ but you know what? After hearing this track, I’m sold. While low and angsty in their verses, the chorus brings it up to 10 with its raucous energy. It’s the type of song that even the most reticent of fans can’t help but yell-sing along to at the concert. [RG]

Alison Goldfrapp – So Hard So Hot
Listener beware: if you’re about to play this at work, you may start looking over your shoulder to make sure none of your co-workers are nearby. This electronica jam isn’t exactly NSFW, but Alison’s whispery vocals singing of things ‘so hard’ and ‘so hot’ may induce some confusion. On the other hand, it’s a bop, so who cares. [TF]

FEWS – Strafe
I love when I’m listening to something, and then it keeps me on my toes. FEWS’ newest track lured me in with its traditional post-punk intro and first verse to only completely entrance me with unique melodies and harmonies in the wonderfully dissonant chorus. [HP]

flowerovlove – Love You
In the midst of this never-ending month of March, flowerovlove knew we all needed a gorgeous, dancey, self-love track. I really can’t say enough good things about it: the melody is infectious, her vocals are both powerful and beautifully gentle, and don’t even get me started on that perfect change of pace in the pre-chorus. You’re guaranteed happy vibes all around with this wonderful tune. [RG]

Guest Singer – Puppy
I feel a bit misled – not a single puppy in this song. Guest Singer tries their best at a Killers impression but ultimately takes too long to get to the point. That old adage “don’t bore us, get to the chorus” fits well here – there’s a great hook hidden within if you can make it that far. [TF]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [RG] Rory Graham, [HP] Holden Predmore

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