The Round-Up (24/03/23)

Some big, big releases out today we’re sure you’ll do well with. But don’t forget to set aside some time for the “little guys”. Because we love you, we’ve got some recommendations here, per usual. (Okay… some of the names below aren’t exactly “little”… but the sentiment remains)

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Harriette – bc i love you

The flavour of the week is bubblegum with this bouncy indie-pop track and it tastes darn good. You’ll be dancing around your room while listening to the ups and downs of young love: ‘you’re my baby, I’m your fool / pickin’ apples after school like there’s nothin’ else to do…’ is giving major high school situationship vibes and honestly, it’s kind of sweet to remind yourself of that era. Thanks for the end of week lift, Harriette. [RG]

Also new this week…

Sir Chloe – Salivate
We get a lot of “this band is gonna be huge!” emails ’round here, so we’ve learned to take them with a grain of salt. They might be onto something when it comes to Sir Chloe though. With opening spots lined up for Beck and Phoenix this summer, and a sound in line with breakout rockers Momma and Wet Leg, these lot might be your new favourite discovery. [TF]

Tapeworms – IRL
Tapeworms should probably rebrand to Earworms, because that synth line before the chorus is going to be running through my head for weeks. An irresistably fun and dancing synth-pop track with over-the-top (in a good way) production – check this one out for some good vibes. [HP]

headboy – Cement
I was trying to think of what headboy reminded me of at the start of the song: a little bit of indie twee (Heavenly anyone?), a little bit of Porridge Radio I thought. Then the drums really come in and I realized headboy have a sound all their own here. It still reminds me of a lot of other bands, but it’s blended here excellently. If you don’t believe me, listen through to the end, because that’s really not what I expected after the rest of this track. [HP]

The Japanese House – Boyhood
The Japanese House have returned with a wonderful new track that tackles questions of self-identity, growth, and how we can grow away with the people we care about. It’s all set to a soothing rhythmic pulse and plucky guitar line that helps us remember that even if it brings some pain, change is good. [HP]

Ruston Kelly – Michael Keaton
Ruston Kelly is an incredibly underrated songwriter. His self-proclaimed blend of “dirt emo” continues to sound fresh, like an edgy, introspective offshoot of country that seems to hit harder with every output. The chorus is a mouthful (‘It’s 3:35 in the morning / And I thought CBD would not get me high / But here I am thinking what if Michael Keaton killed himself in Multiplicity? / Would that be genocide?’) but man, does it beg you scream along. [TF]

Fruit Bats – We Used to Live Here
With each single they release, the more my excitement builds for Fruit Bats’ upcoming record. This short track, coming in at 2:44, is a serene folk tune with some lovely strings flowing gently along as Eric Johnson croons nostalgic lines about a place once called home. A beautiful several minutes of honeyed bliss. [RG]

Moor Mother – We Got the Jazz (feat. Kyle Kidd, Keir Neuringer & Aquiles Navarro)
This track feels a bit like a modern take on A Tribe Called Quest’s Jazz (We’ve Got), and it’s not just because of the name. Both combine some amazing jazz instrumental backings with hip hop drum beats and excellent flow and bars layered over top. It’s a short song, but it’ll have your head swaying along the whole way through. [HP]

American Grandma – Hope Hoop
‘Hope Loop’ is the perfect name for this track, because as it kept looping and growing, I was waiting for the moment it hit me. While that moment never really came, as the track ended I realized I was still enthralled the entire time. The whole song has a really hypnotic energy, and I could listen to it on loop for a long time. [HP]

The National – Eucalyptus
I think just for fun The National should try and release a bad song. It’s borderline unfair how consistent this band is. And don’t worry, Aaron Dessner’s new found foray into helping massive pop artists find their introspective side hasn’t impacted the indie legends signature sound one bit. As if it needs to be said – ‘The First Two Pages of Frankenstein’ is certainly on our most anticipated list for 2023. [TF]

Jalen Ngonda – If You Don’t Want My Love
If you’re a fan of R&B, please do yourself a favor and turn this track on immediately. You can’t see it, but I’m actually on my knees begging you. It’s a perfect mix of keys, horns, gorgeous motown-ready vocals (seriously, they are beautiful), and a jazzy lil’ drum beat. Jalen even manages to make a drum roll sound cool. What can’t he do? [RG]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [RG] Rory Graham, [HP] Holden Predmore

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