Free-Range: April’s Unsigned Round-Up from Bandcamp

Once again, after quite a deep dive, we’re here to present you a diverse list of recent unsigned releases from Bandcamp across numerous genres and locations just in time for Bandcamp Friday. For those still not yet in the know, Bandcamp Friday is the first Friday of every month, when the site waives normal revenue fees and gives all profits directly back to the artists you want to support. Without further ado, here are ten under-the-radar artists worth investing your expendable, musical income in:

Time Moves for Me EP by Disintegration
This week’s indie coverage has proved we all love a good supergroup, so how about a new post-punk band featuring members of Pleasure Leftists, Profligate and Cloud Nothings? If that lineup doesn’t sell you on this band already, the darkwave-esque synth jams on this EP will.

Green Aisles EP by Green Aisles
This is an ambitious first release, just listening to the first song on the short EP takes you on a journey of at least, I don’t know, five different screamo sounds, and nails all of it. When a screamo band has the range to sound like Slint during their builds to shouted choruses, it’s a sign of something special.

Waiting for the Sky to Speak by Oropendola
If those first two releases were a little too heavy, this one’s for you. Filled with indie synth-pop jams, with a healthy amount of experimental sounds and variety thrown throughout, this is one of the most fun listens I’ve heard in a long time. Just when you feel like you’ve heard all this album has to offer, you start to hear those beautiful string and woodwind arrangements that are all over these songs and it dawns on you just how good the songwriting here really is.

The Sweet Dream EP by Deeper Than Sky
I’m a sucker for epic, swelling builds, and so good instrumental post-rock always catches my ear right away. Deeper Than Sky aren’t revolutionizing the genre here – the Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky influences are all over this – but it sounds good and nails all the things that matter. If you need some more epic, slow guitar-fueled songs in your life, here’s five.

LIVE by Deadeye
I’ve been trying to find some jazz to feature for this round-up for a while, and LIVE from Cologne, Germany’s Deadeye is exactly the type of jazz find that Bandcamp is great for. Featuring extended versions of songs from their 2022 debut LP, the group’s chemistry during the rhythmic freeform solos can be heard even through the recording.

Down on the Riverbed by Melodrome Man
“I wanted to craft a completely different sound, encapsulating feelings of both the spiritual feelings of being in water, with the primitive fear of water too.” The feeling of being in water is definitely all over this EP, with the first half giving vibes of a beach party, and the back half moving towards the fear water can bring to mind. Vibes really are the key feature of these songs, and they have vibes in spades.

Back at the Barn by Topeka Clementine
If either of those last two recommendations caught your ear, Back at the Barn shares a lot of DNA with both of those albums, while still having a really fun and unique energy too. The band name Topeka Clementine was charming enough to get me to click on this album, and the music somehow delivered on that name perfectly, even though I had no idea what it meant. Super chill, jazzy, soulful, and fun, what’s not to like?

self-titled by The Leak
At time of writing, this is only a single, but an EP is soon to follow (8th April, the day after Bandcamp Friday? – thankfully if you pre-order it, it still counts). Even the single shows a wide influence of rock sounds, going from psych-y chorus right into indie punk verses, and being a Seattle band, of course some grunge noise in the breakdown too.

Pocket Notes by Pocket Full of Crumbs
Fans of Duster, rejoice! Rarely do I find bands that can truly capture the idiosyncratic slowcore band’s vibe, and despite going for a much less shoegaze and more midwest emo style, Pocket Full of Crumbs still hits in a way I can’t compare to any other band. They also have a full release that leans heavier into the emo influences if the two songs here leave you wanting more, like they did for me.

Home by Since Torino
The first ever group to be featured in the Bandcamp Round-Up twice (check out the first edition for more information), Since Torino are back with another short EP. This release is mostly more of the same, but with how much I was left wanting after those first two tracks, more of their charming brand of indie folk is very welcome.

Suburban Mayhem by E.R.I.E.
Our very own TJ Foster is in this band, and they just released a new record today. We’re real proud of him, so as a bonus, we just had to feature this here. It’s a little bit punky, a little bit Americana, and a whole lotta heart. Also, quite topical to be honest. Give it a shot.

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