The Round-Up (07/04/23)

I don’t know about y’all, but I am not a fan of all the online pranks on April Fool’s Day. Sure, it’s funny once or twice but come on. No jokes here though, all great tracks in the Round-Up as always.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: HotWax – A Thousand Times

Along with announcing their debut EP, HotWax dropped a new single this week, and what a way to hype the upcoming release! This track brings on the punk energy we have already seen from the trio in the past, while delivering perhaps their biggest and best outro to date. [HP]

Also new this week…

swim school – don’t leave me behind
Last year, swim school became one of my favourite bands you’ve never heard of in the span of just five songs. Now, they’re coming back to further cement that position with songs like ‘don’t leave me behind’. Singer Alice Johnson’s vocals sound as smooth as ever, and despite this venturing into ballad territory, they still manage to effectively ease some of their fuzzed-out bliss into the mix. This song is yet another triumph for the Scottish quartet and I honestly can’t get more soon enough. [TF]

Ben Copperhead – Franny and the Songbirds
Formerly known as Baby Copperhead, Ben Copperhead is back with a beautiful new track. Along with charming lyrics about the titular songbirds, the song heavily features Copperhead’s wonderful arrangement for his accompanying musicians, the Stringed Serpents: Jessica Pavone on viola, Tom Swafford on violin, and Brent Arnold on cello. [HP]

Matt Maltese – Florence
Matt Maltese would make a great character in The Muppets, just saying. He’s also got a new tune out too called ‘Florence’, it has a piano, some lovely lyrics and just a generally solid vibe to it. Give it a go. [NI]

Holy Wave – Cowprint
Psychedelic bliss. It’s currently blasting sunshine outside as I’m writing, and this track is oozing out of the laptop speakers, making me hallucinate floating around the blue skies to its dreamy 70s guitar tone and meditative vocals. [LW]

Enola Gay – PTS.DUP
We all know by now that Ireland is putting out some of the best music in the world right now, and it’s easy to assume that Dublin is the epicentre. But things are heating up in the north, and Belfast’s Enola Gay have just shared the blistering ‘PTS.DUP’. Northern Ireland has a criminally underrated music scene and Enola Gay are going to be the ones to change that. And if you’ve been blissfully unaware of the corrupt politics there, ‘PTS.DUP’ is about to change that, too. Here’s a band that’s fiery, fresh and oh, so exciting. [VG]

Free Whenever – Camino
This duo from Brooklyn has a vibe, man. Much like the city that never sleeps, Free Whenever is not one to be put into just one specific box. With influences ranging from shoegaze to reggae to psych-rock, this instrumental jam goes all out. Not to mention, the guitar tones are *chef’s kiss*. Groovy. [TF]

Cola – Keys Down If You Stay
I was distraught when I heard about Ought breaking up a few years ago, and while it will always hurt, Cola (the project of Tim Darcy and Ben Stidworthy of Ought with Evan Cartwright of U.S. Girls) soothes the pain. Their newest track since the album released last year, I can’t wait to see where this project goes next. [HP]

The Drums – I Want It All
It’s been a while since I had these indie hearthrobs pulling on my heartstrings but boy is it nice to hear them again. ‘I Want It All’ sways with the same wave-like quality of the band’s early tunes but there’s a clearer, more refreshing and equally catchy thing going on. Nice stuff. [NI]

Shygirl – Playboy / Positions
I don’t know how you can fit two songs into two and a half minutes, but then again, Shygirl always does things differently. London’s queen of sexy music shows no sign of slowing down after the success of Nymph, and ‘Playboy / Positions’ is a sign of even more great things on the way. Just don’t ask me about that unnerving music video. [VG]

Oslo Twins – Breath
Off kilter, shuffling beats pull through. Never quite sure where the steps are, you skip and tumble as the song moves from one moment to another. Steadily you slip into a spin of strings, synthesized instruments and surrealism. The whol thing feels like trying to remember a dream. [NI]

feeble little horse – Steamroller
As a fan of loud and fuzzy guitars, I already knew feeble little horse was up my alley. Their newest track gives me more of that effect drenched shredding I love, with an excellent song to boot. [HP]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [NI] Nick Ikin, [HP] Holden Predmore, [LW] Lydia Webb, [VG] Vicky Greer

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