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The Round-Up (21/04/23)

Everyone woke up on Monday morning and thought “I should release a song this week,” and that’s why the list below is so extensive. In fact, we could have probably doubled it if we had the time and energy. Here are some – but certainly not all – of the highlights from a great week in underground music.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: CMAT – Whatever’s Inconvenient

Piano AND strings! CMAT you are treating us, as always. Another taste of CMAT’s new ‘era’, ‘Whatever’s Inconvnient’ sees Ciara croon about her own self-proclaimed uselessness when entering and maintaining romantic relationships.

Ever since CMAT emerged a few years back, we’ve been telling you how special she is. If you still don’t believe us, maybe you should start questioning yourself, just like CMAT does on this spell-binding new number. [JR]

Also new this week…

The Glass Hearts – Coupe de Ville
Groovy and funky, this new one from The Glass Hearts has a taste of Daisy Jones and the Six, but without the Daisy Jones part… Bound to get you moving. [JR]

MUNA – One That Got Away
The trio debuted this track at their glorious Coachella set last week before its official release on Monday and, wow, they’ve proven once again how unstoppable they are. ‘One That Got Away’ is classic MUNA: seductive, punchy and confident, with great production they describe as ‘Janet Jackson-era’. All this talk is making me want to go watch the music video for the 100th time this week… [LW]

splint – Awaiting Hills
Manchester’s ever-changing, ever-evolving, ever-mysterious splint return with a six-minute energy-filled epic. Recalling the chanting march of shame, this is a purposeful, determined release from a band raring to make a statement. [JR]

Opus Kink – Children
‘Children’ is a bit like a Darren Aronofsky movie. Can’t decide whether I love it or hate it, but I also can’t turn away. So maybe not a rousing success… but certainly a fucking noisy one. Go ahead and get some stuff out, Opus Kink is here for you. [TF]

Lambrini Girls – Lads Lads Lads
Please ensure you put your seat belt on before listening to this one. Lambrini Girls return with this absolute tornado of a track that takes on toxic masculinity with whirlwind guitars and pure rage. [JR]

Extranauts – Lazarus
Beginning with a flurry of keys and a pulsing drum beat, matched with a positive message about second chances, this track evokes the feel of early 2010s indie rock (think Phoenix or MGMT). Bouncy, comforting, and with a twinge of nostalgia, Extranauts have created a perfect windows down, free-feeling track just in time for spring. [RG]

Hourglvss – Calling
This new one from Hourglvss is akin to the clocks going forward. It gives you the feeling that everything is gonna be alright. The overlayed vocals and bright guitar sounds are uplifting, a sign of brighter things to come. Ones to watch. [JR]

Dream Wife – Orbit
Another head banger and total ear worm from the legendary trio. Their music is made for the stage and it’s hard to listen to this new single without being desperate for festival season. All you can imagine is the band going crazy under strobe lights, and the crowd matching that energy as you’re being thrown around in a mosh pit. [LW]

two blinks, i love you – Birthday Surprise
‘You make me sick’, Liam Brown laments on the opening line of this new number. A more direct track than his previous, this is a different side to the Liverpudlian’s new project, and one we very much enjoy. [JR]

Ria Hanley – Bite Back
This is a lovely, vivid bit of songwriting from country-flecked singer-songwriter, Ria Hanley. Country music is spreading up north, and we’re well and truly here for it. [JR]

The Sugar Hold – Get F’d Up
Aptly released on 4/20, The Sugar Hold have dropped a party on the internet and y’all are invited. If you’ve never had the urge to dance first thing in the morning, just put this tune on and you’ll be good to go. [TF]

Beabadoobee (feat. Clairo) – Glue Song
Lovely harmonies, gentle guitar, and lyrics so sweet they almost gave me a toothache, all from a dynamic pairing of Beabadoobee and Clairo. I’m a tad ashamed to admit I had never thought of the potential for their collaboration before as it works so well. Clairo’s lower, stronger vocals joined with Beabadoobee’s whispering, high pitched voice makes for a wonderful performance. Shall I say you’ll be stuck to it like glue? [RG]

Strawberry Launch – Ready Yet
With their jangly guitars, buttery smooth vocals and a driving beat, Strawberry Launch has me longing for the beach. ‘Ready Yet’ is a promising introduction to the NYC-based, queer pop-rock quartet, and one that will have you yearning to ring in a sad-girl summer. Let’s do it. [TF]

The Last Dinner Party – Nothing Matters
Somewhere in between Florence & the Machine and HAIM lies The Last Dinner Party, their debut single ‘Nothing Matters’ a dark and bombastic effort. If this song is any indication, this quintet has found themselves a formula for unimaginable success. [TF]

The Deep Blue – How About It?

California might have Haim, but Manchester have their own answer in The Deep Blue. Lucious harmonies, sprightly guitar sounds and radiant positivity, it’s enough to make the city’s perpetual rain go away. An absolute bop.

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [JR] Johnny Rogerson, [RG] Rory Graham, [LW] Lydia Webb

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