The Round-Up (26/05/23)

This week’s round-up is sort of like the EP version of our normal round-up. Light on quantity, but heavy on quality.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: The Goa Express – Talking About Stuff

Ahh, well doesn’t this just take you right back to the indie-rock “the” bands of yore! Music trends have a way of coming full circle every 20 years or so, and seems like The Goa Express are nostalgic for bands like The Hives and The Vines and so on. Whatever the intent, this song will make you dance around your bedroom like a free-spirited teenager. The only thing missing is a Sony Discman. [TF]

Also new this week…

Jacob Slater – Kissin’ Booth
Double heartbreak for Jacob Slater, betrayed by his lover and best friend lip-locking; although I don’t think a kissing booth is the best confirmation of cheating as kisses are, you know, just business there. But it’s nice to know there’s another John Martyn fan somewhere, sharing his fingerpicking style and airy voice that sounds more like a discarnate spirit than a man. [SL]

Faire Osciller – Hey Ho, Oh No
Faire Osciller bring a whole new meaning to the phrase “short and sweet”. Clocking in at a mere 90 seconds, the garage rocky ‘Hey Ho, Oh No’ is over before you know it, but while it’s here, it gives you a lot to latch onto. You won’t even have time to hit “next” – not that you’ll want to. [TF]

Jeff Rosenstock – Liked U Better
If you want a song that is going to repeat in your head for the rest of the day after listening, this is the song for you. Jeff Rosenstock has always had a way of creating fun, catchy songs with sad or angry lyrics and ‘Liked U Better’ is absolutely no exception. Try not to sing along – chances are you’ll fail. [SD]

Foo Fighters – Under You
Setting aside the fact that the riff in this song is a near match for American Hi-Fi’s ‘Flavor of the Weak’ (seriously, check it out), I am in love with it. It’s probably my favourite single of theirs since ‘Rope’. Despite the subject matter being exactly as heartwrenching as you’d expect, musically it’s upbeat and rowdy and wouldn’t feel out of place on a record like The Colour and the Shape. Happy to hear from the Foos again. [TF]

The Pink Spiders – Devotion
If the previous single didn’t do it for you, then let this new one prove that the Pink Spiders are back and just as strong and catchy as they were when they brought you ‘Little Razorblade’ nearly 20 years ago. These garage rock/power poppers are now on Pure Noise and ready to take back the dance floor with their upcoming album. [SD]

Dirty Nice – Shoes
One of the comments on the new video from Dirty Nice says “this song feels like eating perfectly roasted marshmallows” and honestly, we can’t top that. Well done, stranger. Can’t watch this video without thinking of that other video about shoes though. [TF]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [SD] Shawn-Ray Dalinsky, [SL] Sam Lasley

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