The Round-Up (02/06/23)

Is it really June already? That means the year’s almost halfway over. That’s crazy right? Just don’t start making your mid-year favourites lists without taking into account some of the tunes below – that would be irresponsible.


It’s hardly a secret that we’re CMAT stans over here at The Rodeo – no one else’s music makes us feel like hollering “yee-haw” as much as her’s. ‘Have Fun!’ is a quirky, mid-tempo jam designed for saloons and gastropubs alike. And honestly, if you’re not having fun by the time the song ends, there might be sometihng wrong with you. Not that we’re judging – it’s just science. [TF]

Also new this week…

Middle Kids – Bootleg Firecracker
Middle Kids is one of those amazing bands that has flown under the radar in a lot of cases, yet they put out some of the most consistently earnest – and earnestly consistent? – music you’ll find. ‘Bootleg Firecracker’ sees the trio exploring the more stripped down, gentle aspects of their sound, with singer Hannah Joy’s vocal melodies gliding effortlessly atop acoustic guitars and a dry drum kit. It’s a beautiful song that’ll make you yearn for the dog days of summer. [TF]

Current Affairs – No Fuss
The dark and twangy guitar sounds of ’80s new wave inspires this driven post-punk track. The Glaswegian group is making a lot of noise here and I’m absolutely loving it. Got to get down to one of their gigs on their upcoming tour in July as that’s for sure the best way to indulge in their music. [LW]

Trophy Eyes – Life in Slow Motion
The emotion and power coming through John Floreani’s voice brings us the strongest and most melodic of the singles from the upcoming album from Australian pop-punkers Trophy Eyes. This song will have you immediately hitting replay only to feel the emotions even stronger the second and third time around. [SD]

Rob Grant (feat. Lana Del Ray) – Lost at Sea
Forget ‘Snow on The Beach’ – this is the latest track featuring Lana that you should be looking out for. Rob’s composition is stunningly gorgeous, beginning with subtle, yet heart wrenching piano that swells as the strings enter the song, bringing the music to an entirely new emotional and dynamic level. Lana’s vocals are softly haunting, not overpowering the instrumentals, while not hiding behind them either. Truly beautiful all around. [RG]

La Force – Condition of Us
The video to this new track is a real mind melter…literally. Is it wax? Custard? Maybe even honey melting down someone’s face here? I don’t know. But these visuals actually accompany Ariel Engle’s gorgeous vocals that sing over a droning guitar beautifully. [LW]

Yellowcard – Childhood Eyes
What is there to say besides asking “did you think you’d ever hear a brand new Yellowcard song?” ‘Childhood Eyes’ is the title track off the band’s upcoming 5-track EP, their first release since 2016. Featuring the band’s signature violin leads, singable chorus and relatable lyrics, this song is the Yellowcard we all grew up with and loved. [SD]

Valley – Have a Good Summer (Without Me)
The title of this song kind of sounds like something passive aggressive you’d write in an ex’s yearbook at the end of a school year, right? That said, Valley’s new single is about as poppy as sad-pop gets. In it, they reference a ‘sad song at the end of our movie’ and honestly, that’s the whole vibe right there. [TF]

Olivia Dean – Carmen
This homage to a grandmother is touching not because it’s sweet but because it’s fundamentally strong. The language of the lyrics is choice and robust, reading like a poem but delivered tender and steadfast. The song pulses along at the same pace for almost five minutes though and I just wish that there was more sweep to the celebration or tempo to the tribute to really sell the joy and thanks so clearly present at its heart. [SL]

Izzy Mahoubi – Cool Guy
She may only be 18 years old, but Izzy Mahoubi showcases her maturity in her songwriting even more with every single. Infused with jazz, blues and folk, this Phoenix, Arizona singer/songwriter crafts relatable pop songs that will likely stick in your head for awhile. Plus she has a debut EP coming soon on Rude Records. [SD]

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds – Open the Door, See What You Find
Taken from the 2nd June EP Council Skies, this track gives strong psychedelic rock vibes and not simply because the music video is a mix of kaleidoscope images. Its very opening is an indication of the big sound Noel brings, with a variety of strings, a laid-back drum beat, and even some bells. And of course, ever the lyricist, he opts for succinct, repetitive lines that still paint a vast picture for the listener. [RG]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [LW] Lydia Webb, [SD] Shawn-Ray Dalinsky, [RG] Rory Graham, [SL] Sam Lasley

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