The Round-Up (16/06/23)

Stomach bug hit my house these last few days. And since no one wants to hear about that, we’re instead going to talk about the awesome singles that graced our inboxes – and our ears – this week.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Divorce – Birds

First heard this one at The Great Escape. It’s just three minutes of great songwriting, with tempo changes, metaphor, storytelling and a sprinkling of weirdness on top. Get involved; Divorce are an exceptional band ready to kick onto that next step. [JR]

Also new this week…

swim school – Bored
Honestly, I’m anything but bored listening to swim school’s new single. The Edinburgh trio rip through three-and-a-half minutes of shoegazey, grunge-influenced indie rock, further cementing their place as one of the best up-and-coming bands you’ve likely never heard of. [TF]

Coach Party – Born Leader
Coach Party is back with yet another bitter lament to love, seemingly unrequited for vocalist Jess Eastwood. Self-questioning, loathing and a subsequent broken heart carry all four minutes of ‘Born Leader’. Needling guitars and thrashing drums complement Eastwood’s anguish-filled vocals – this never-ending pain is a perpetuating adolescent problem, overall echoing the band’s previous release, ‘Everybody Hates Me’. [ND]

Pixey – Daisy Chain
There’s something incredibly reassuring and reliable about Pixey. It seems like every year she appears with a sprightly release just as the sun starts to appear in the UK. ‘Daisy Chain’ will cool even the warmest can of Carling this festival season. [JR]

Ruby Joyce – that’s on you
Ruby Joyce’s gentle vocals glide effortlessly over a shoegazey soundscape in an atypical time signature. It’s not only a gorgeous song, but an interesting one – not always an easy feat and Ruby’s nailed it with ‘that’s on you’. [TF]

Sigur Rós – Blóðberg
Surprise! We’re getting a brand new Sigur Rós record today, their first proper studio album in 10 years. This announcement was preceded by the brand new, seven minute single ‘Blóðberg’ (blood rock), which showcases the band’s signature atmospheric sound that we all love. Just lay back, relax and feel at peace with the orchestral ambient sounds and Jónsi’s unique vocal delivery. [SD]

CIEL – So Scared
New release ‘So Scared’ perfectly mirrors the fish-net stockings of its album cover – something sultry, made for late-night listening in the taxi on the way to the rock club. Synth-pop sounds and howling vocals reminiscent of Lebanon Hanover and Molchat Doma combine seamlessly with post-punk guitar riffs. The chorus is an ecstasy-fuelled rush, eyes are wide open observing surroundings as vocalist Michelle Hindriks screams into the darkness, ‘I’m so scared…’. [ND]

Spanish Love Songs – Clean-Up Crew
Spanish Love Songs always seem to drop new music exactly when I need it most. A song about the weariness and disillusionment of chasing one’s dreams, it hit me right in the feels. ‘Maybe a big life isn’t ours…’ vocalist Dylan Slocum sings in his trademark, shaky delivery. Big life or not, I’m glad they stuck around to keep the songs coming. [TF]

STONE – I’ve Gotta Feeling
No, this is not a cover of the Black Eyed Peas’ seminal banger. This is the next stage of STONE, moving away from their raw punk sound to one influenced by Madchester beats and a vocal delivery style reminiscent of Mike Skinner. Proper interesting stuff. [JR]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [JR] Johnny Rogerson, [SD] Shawn-Ray Dalinsky, [ND] Neve Dawson, [JG] Jack Gill

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