The Round-Up (23/06/23)

For when you’re ready to come down from the Glastonbury high, the songs below might do the trick. Here’s to the weekend.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Picture Parlour – Norwegian Wood

What a fun and catchy song. ‘Norwegian Wood’ is the powerful debut single from Picture Parlour and is a great introduction to this London-based alternative rock group. Featuring strong production, a mixture of ’70s rock and modern indie rock, and raw yet powerful female vocals reminiscent of artists like Stevie Nicks, this song leaves us very excited for what is to come. The anticipation is strong. [SD]

Also new this week…

Puma Blue – O, the Blood
London’s moodiest songwriter returns with a new single, a hushed and brooding story of passionate longing. Allen’s voice is tweaked with autotune and holstered with harmonies, but his sentiment remains clear as ever. It’s a potent track that swells to an emotional finale. [JG]

Dolores Forever – I Love You But You’re Making Me Sad
So much of the pop genre can come across as derivative, that when an artist comes along and takes the road less traveled, it’s a refreshing treat. One of the genre’s most underrated duos – Dolores Forever – have done just this with ‘I Love You But You’re Making Me Sad’. The song’s hook is accessible enough to get stuck in your head, while the chord progressions are unique and unexpected. The perfect song if you want a little spice in your pop. [TF]

Slowdive – Kisses
Shoegaze masters Slowdive are back with their first music since 2017, evermore perfecting the diabolically difficult task of creating a successful song in this indie sub-genre. Halstead and Goswell’s vocals perfectly pair with each other just as a hand fits a glove. Over classic blends of ethereal synths and distorted guitar, the vocalists delicately incant ‘kisses/born desert sun’ over and over. [ND]

The Pink Spiders – Let’s Go Home
Since their formation in 2003, The Pink Spiders have had a great career with only a short hiatus in 2010. This week’s track brings ultimate nostalgia of MySpace punk that they were known for back in the day. You’ve got all the bass, guitar riffs and easy-to-sing-along lyrics of a great summer tune. [LW]

Strange Ranger – Way Out
An exciting new track from Strange Ranger, here. The band balance tones of post punk instrumentation with pop inflected vocal distortion and synths. It makes for a fun and altogether invigorating listen. A track, I dare say, you don’t want a way out from. [JG]

KOYO – Anthem
If you want catchy, yet in-your-face pop-punk/hardcore, then Koyo is for you. This may only be the second single off their upcoming album, but it’s short, sweet and energetic and makes said album highly anticipated. Just hate that we have to wait another three months for it. [SD]

Miles Kane – The Wonder
With a choral-like beginning, Kane bursts out with his classic Merseyside rasp in his new release ‘The Wonder’. There’s something lustful and mischievous in the new track; Kane croons into the mic longing for the touch of another, intoxicated and ‘high’ craving to touch the immaterial ‘wonder’ of this individual. The spectacular guitar intermission and big hooks transport me back to Neighbourhood Weekender 2021, straining my neck to peep over vast crowds, desperate to catch a glimpse of the Last Shadow Puppet star beaming across the headline stage. [ND]

tinyumbrellas – Zombies
Gentle vocals laced atop a driving, acoustic-led arrangement, this has bits of Death Cab For Cutie and Mates of State in it whilst also being something entirely its own. A simple song in the best of ways, ‘Zombies’ has us wanting more from tinyumbrellas. [TF]

Just Friends – Life I’m Living In
The first single off Just Friends’ upcoming album Gusher, ‘Life I’m Living In,’ sounds like a theme to a pop-punk/indie party. Featuring multiple vocalists and catchy lyrics and melodies, this song tells the honest truth about how tough life is but how you have to still push through and enjoy it. The hook will stay in your head long after the song finishes which is a sure sign of a great song. [SD]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [LW] Lydia Webb, [SD] Shawn-Ray Dalinsky, [ND] Neve Dawson, [JG] Jack Gill

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