The Round-Up (30/06/23)

Doesn’t feel like we’re halfway through another year already, but here we are. Curious what some of your favourites have been from the first half of ’23 – sound off in the comments, on our socials, or just hold up a big sign out your window. I’m sure one of us will see it.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Gatlin – Lonely Life

Never thought I’d describe a song about isolation through anxiety as gorgegous, yet here I am. Gentle and sweeping, this song glitters with its masterful simplicity. Lyrically, the same sentiments apply: how can you disagree after hearing ‘Hearts are for breaking, but not mine…’? Also, we LOVE a music video that promotes animal adoption (check out the video to see some adorable kittens — seriously). [RG]

Also new this week…

Menu – Vertigo
Alternative rock group Menu’s latest single is a danceable, catchy rock song with a memorable synth line and hook that will have you screaming out “Vertigo” nonstop after hearing this song for the first time. They may not be big yet but if these guys continue in this direction, they are sure to be the next big thing real soon. [SD]

The Criticals – Belmont
The Criticals are a vibe, man. ‘Belmont’ reminds me a lot of the turn of the century indie-rock that MTV2 was catching on to – hell, even the music video looks like it was made 20 years ago. Really good stuff, this. [TF]

Flowerovlove – Coffee Shop
Flowerovlove has been on a roll this year, with each single racking up more and more well-deserved buzz. ‘Coffee Shop’ shows that she’s a star in the making with lyrics and visuals that put her ahead of the curve at just 17 years old. This new single is perfect for the summer playlist, as bright and sparkling as Flowerovlove’s future. [VG]

Holly Humberstone – Antichrist
Why do I always listen to songs that make me sad? Because of the power and emotion in the vocals and lyrics, which is why Holly Humberstone’s new song displays strongly. One of two new singles (the other being ‘Room Service’), ‘Antichrist’ is an emotional song about the “guilt and self-loathing” that comes with a break-up when you were not fully invested in the relationship. [SD]

Boyish (feat. King Princess) – Kill Your Pain
This new track from Boyish fits perfectly amongst the angsty indie pop hits from the likes of boygenius and Ethel Cain. The vocals master the strong yet soft and yearning sound that make this genre so enticing. They kick the track into high gear at the bridge, distorted vocals leading into an amped up, punk moment, setting ‘Kill Your Pain’ apart from the rest of the lot. [RG]

Hattie – Nobody
As far as debut singles go, it doesn’t get much more gorgeous than this. Somewhere between Laura Marling and Olivia Rodrigo lies Hattie, the solo moniker of Melissa Carter, who also happens to be 1/3 of the dream-pop trio Rosalind. ‘Nobody’ is beautifully produced, achingly honest and full of heart – or as she so eloquently puts it, “sad girl indie for the girl who’s trying to not be so sad anymore.” [TF]

PVRIS – Evergreen
A racing heartbeat of a synth beat sets the tone here in PVRIS’ track about fighting for success beyond the early “prodigal” years. Lynn Gunn more than delivers with the vocals, giving her pop sound her classic edge and grit, even as the band trends toward this new electronic sound. This latest addition to the new crop of singles should have fans on the edge of their seats for the upcoming record. [RG]

Amy Shark – Can I Shower At Yours
Amy Shark has been one of my favorite pop/singer-songwriters for years, and this new single might be her poppiest song yet. And that is far from a bad thing…it’s short, catchy and to the point. If you’re not a fan yet, you’ll definitely fall for her after this song. [SD]

Jenny Owen Youngs – Avalanche
Jenny Owen Youngs might not be a household name, but she’s had her hands in some big hits – look no further than Panic! at the Disco’s monster hit ‘High Hopes’. Yeah, she’s got a writing credit on that one. The title track from her upcoming record is far less bombastic than that – it’s actually full of Autumn vibes, which is a bit odd in this heat – but it’s gentle, honest and gorgeous. Good to have you back, Jenny. [TF]

Carly Rae Jepsen – Shy Boy
Perfeectly timed with her winning Glastonbury set last weekend, Carly Rae Jepsen has won us over yet again with ‘Shy Boy’. It feels like everything she touches turns to bubblegum-pop gold, and it’s exciting to see that she’s still on fire after last year’s album The Loneliest Time. ‘Shy Boy’ is fun, synthy pop in its purest form, a delight from start to finish. [VG]

Fall Out Boy – We Didn’t Start the Fire
We realize this may be a bit out of the norm for The Rodeo but Fall Out Boy covering – nay, updating! – the Billy Joel late ’80s classic is everything you didn’t know you needed this week. With news references from 1989 – present day, it’s a shocking and amusing take on the song that covers A LOT of ground. [TF]

Falling in Reverse – Last Resort (reimagined)
Everyone knows Papa Roach’s ‘Last Resort’ but no one has ever heard the song done as a cinematic, piano and orchestra backed ballad. That’s what metalcore giants Falling In Reverse have done with this rock classic. They pull off this reimagining perfectly with so much power that I don’t even know what else to say besides that it’s beautiful. [SD]

Contributor Key:
[TF] TJ Foster, [VG] Vicky Greer, [SD] Shawn-Ray Dalinsky, [RG] Rory Graham

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