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The Rodeo Mag takes a tour around Lip Filler’s Fridge…

Lip Filler. And no, I’m not talking about the cosmetic surgery adorned by Love Islanders, I’m talking about the up-and-coming band … and their fridge. Why you may ask? To put it simply, fridges can say a lot about a person – some might say they are a physical, real-life Pinterest travel board filled with magnets and scraps of old newspaper bearing this week’s shopping list. But for Lip Filler, their fridge in Shephard’s Bush is their muse, especially for the artwork of their self-titled EP.

What are your favourite parts of the EP’s artwork?

Jude – “My favourite part of our EP cover is Sid the Sloth aka Wine Lips Junior who resides in the top right corner of the fridge. We found it funny to imagine that after the Ice Age films, Sid became a corporate sell out / representative for Foster’s lager. I think this drawing depicts him a few years down the line when he is living contentedly with a nice wad of corporate cash and enough sh*t lager to sustain his hedonistic lifestyle.”

Nate – “My favourite part of the artwork is the bald dude under the ‘LE’. He’s quite an intriguing individual and one of the only characters that resembles a human on the cover. He looks like a cross between the leader of an ancient dynasty and one of those guys who goes on Britain’s Got Talent to pop his eyeballs out. Either way he looks like he needs some consoling, so I have a lot of sympathy for him. He’s definitely called Paul or Hugh, and his hands (even though you can’t see them) are slumped over the steering wheel of his 14-year-old BMW and his kids are making a right racket in the back. I feel you, Paul. Keep driving.”

George – “The handwritten note scribed by our dear friend Ruby. This was one of the few parts featured that had been on our fridge before we even came up with the concept for the artwork, from when she stayed round after a night out. It ends on a hilariously bleak note (“IDK what to do.”) and pretty much sums up our 2-year residence at Nando’s HQ. Ruby is also our #1 fan, so it was only right to give her a memento here. This is my favourite part because it’s real, it’s authentic and most importantly – it’s Lip Filler.”

Verity – “Myself and Theo spent an afternoon stuck in Westway shopping centre searching for alphabet magnetic letters. These are a staple found across the fridge of any household with children, much like the Lip Filler household. We tracked some down in a toy shop and went proper DIY, spraying with pink paint so the letters would pop out. I think the playfulness of the title is quite an honest reflection of the EP, just trying things out and having fun with it.”

Theo – “Stuart the dinosaur is a memento to our beloved eccentric radio plugger. He discovered our first home-demo through some mystifying means and was the first industry head to give us the time of day. Big up Stuart.”

A word of advice from a trusted music-addict to another … keep all eyes and ears peeled for both Lip Filler’s release and live performances in the next few months:

22 July – Visions Festival, London 

27 July – Omeara, London (Supporting Alfie Templeman

30 July – Y Not Festival, Derbyshire
30 September – The Gathering Sounds, Stockton-on-Tees
14 October – Live At Leeds, Leeds
20 October – Left Of The Dial Festival, Rotterdam

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