The Round-Up (31/07-11/08/23)

As we head into yet another series of Festivals, fresh releases have been plastered across Spotify’s indie hit lists, ready to be savoured and played on repeat. Here are some we loved at The Rodeo the past 12 days, ready to soundtrack your August.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Spyres – Money

LAB Records have once again produced and mentored an indie belter of a band destined for the Walk of Fame. Glaswegian quartet Spyres are back with yet another headbanger, reminiscent of their quintessential sound in ‘Otherside’ and ‘Fake ID’. The track however shows the growing confidence of the band, who have recently announced a mini-tour around the UK, Spyres’s music maturing like a fine wine ready to be tasted. [ND]

Also new this week…

Cassia – whatstheuse
Cassia as a band, has long had its foot in the door of up-and-coming indie music. The three-piece is back following a decorated run of tours chasing the limelight, this time with something even-more artistic and mature. Layered vocals complement synth sounds and acoustic segments as the band lament over turning pages in life and leaving old chapters behind. [ND]

Will Joseph Cook – Punchin
Indie pop songwriter Will Joseph Cook’s new single is a real bop, And with lyrics such as “Your daddy don’t like me or my guitar, no matter how good I get,” you know you’ll be listening to this fun little love song again immediately once it’s finished. I know I can’t stop listening. [SD]

Spanish Love Songs – Marvel
With every single, it becomes more and more apparent that Spanish Love Song’s upcoming release – No Joy – will be a strong contender for AOTY. ‘Just trying to make it to the end of the world / I’ll stay alive out of spite…‘ may be the most SLS lyric yet. Absolutely can’t wait for this one. [TJ]

Young Rising Sons – Like You
If this fun, upbeat love song from Young Rising Sons doesn’t make you feel good, I don’t know what will. Go play this song for your significant other and get dancing. And if you don’t have one, this song will really make you want one so you don’t keep singing this song to yourself because it is extremely catchy. [SD]

Coach Party – Parasite
Coach Party’s latest release is like taking a 30-second plunge into freezing cold water. Angsty vocals and needling guitars echo Wolf Alice’s ‘Play The Greatest Hits’ or Riot Girl stars Bikini Kill. The track packs a punch and will without fail get all heads banging this drizzly and dull summer. [ND]

Gatlin – Paris
Always wanted to go to Paris. Gatlin is certainly reigniting the itch with this summer-ready bop. Getting some Haim vibes from this one, and with that in mind, I’ve no doubt Gatlin will be opening whatever the next Eras Tour equivalent is. Lovely lovely. [TJ]

ERNIE – Hold Yr Horses
With a Paolo Nutini-esque acoustic intro, listeners are immediately welcomed with stunning brooding vocals accompanied by harmonies and guitar riffs similar to the chart-climbing Wunderhorse. It comes as no surprise that this part-time chef, full-time superstar has supported the likes of Sam Fender. [ND]

Hotel Lux – Vice
Whilst not making the cut for ‘Hand Across The Creek’, shiny new single ‘Vice’ has been revised and revived ready for our eager ears. The track’s vocals are the love child of IDLES and DEADLETTER in their conversational and at times bitter delivery. Seemless blends of post-punk and indie rock elements echo the band’s great return to music and incorporation of more original sounds. [ND]

Durry – Little Bit Lonely
Rife with singalong hooks and undeniable nostalgia, ‘Little Bit Lonely’ is proof that Durry are slated to become everyone’s new favourite band this year. Look no further than the Nintendo 64-inspired music video, that takes the brother-sister duo through a custom video game chronicling the formation of their skyrocketing band. ‘Little Bit Lonely’ is a lotta bit lovely. [TJ]

Taking Meds – Life Support
The late ’90s came to visit and brought along Taking Meds for the ride. Left ’em here, and now we’re gifted ‘Life Support’, a head bopping, catchy little ditty straight from the basement. Two thumbs up. [TJ]

Contributor Key:
[ND] Neve Dawson, [SD] Shawn-Ray Dalinsky, [TJ] TJ Foster

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