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The Round-Up (18/08/23)

You’re favourite time of the week is back – it’s round-up time. Here are some Rodeo-approved bangers to make your upcoming week shine that little bit brighter, even if the sun doesn’t want to come out from behind those godforsaken clouds.


Amidst a crazy, festival-packed summer and supporting gigs for the likes of Royal Blood, HotWax have squeezed out yet another thunderous track. Needling guitars and anguish-filled lyrics fill the track, marking the band’s rebellious sound as heard in earlier releases such as ‘Rip it Out’. Overseen by Alan Moulder of Foo Fighters and Wet Leg, their new single is paired with a video that is quite simply out of this world. [ND]

Also new this week…

Duvet – girlcow
Why be a cowgirl when you can be a girlcow? Manchester post-punks visit the wild west to deliver some messy, grungy punk sounds with vocals that range from nonchalance to good old-fashioned yelling with a chorus that’s going to be going around your head for the rest of the day. Cowboy Punk definitely gets the Rodeo seal of approval. [VG]

SOMOH – Favourite
Melancholic guitars and earworm-worthy drum beats are paired with vocals that channel the likes of Beabadoobee and Soccer Mommy in SOMOH’s brand-new track “Favourite”. Singer-songwriter Sophia Mohan fuses together bedroom-pop and alt-rock with familiar aches and pains of the heart and relationships. [ND]

Maple Glider – You’re Going To Be A Daddy
Singer-songwriter Tori Zietsch’s gentle vocals swirl into combinations of acoustic guitars, reminiscent of the Walk of Fame’s folk superstars. The track shines like ethereal starlight across the ceiling as Zietsch serenades herself in her bedroom, repeating to her distant lover, as if a prayer, “I just want to get to know you”. [ND]

Lucy Gaffney – Make Me Smile
Alt-pop musician Lucy Gaffney’s new single “Make Me Smile” is a light-hearted, fun bop that is easy to listen to and will easily stick in your head. She may be a newer artists, but she’s successfully channelling the 90s in this song, which is far from a bad thing. It’s familiar but fresh at the same time. [SD]

Erin LeCount – Heartbreak Hotel
Erin LeCount really has been for breakfast at the Heartbreak Hotel. Incorporating influence from the likes of Lorde and FKA Twigs, the 20-year-old combines the dreamy experimental with layered synths and secretive lyrics, the cruel world and unforgiving love her main muse. [ND]

Sydney Worthley – Anaheim
Never been to Anaheim, but I very much want to visit now. Not that this song is necessarily about Anaheim – it’s more so a confessional, dare-I-say Swiftian, song of youthful heartache. With her impressive vocal range, stunning melodies and undeniable songwriting chops, Sydney is absolutely one to keep your eye on. [TJ]

The Menzingers – Hope is a Dangerous Little Thing
If it wasn’t clear by the first single the Philadelphia quartet released, it should be clear by this one: The Menzingers are maturing for album number seven, and there’s no clearer indicator than the shift in sonic palette here. Time will tell how listeners react, but one thing’s for sure: it’s a new song from The goddamn Menzingers – what could possibly be bad about that? [TJ]

What might possibly be Hot Milk’s most vulnerable song yet, “BREATHING UNDERWATER” is a powerful, emotional song that really makes you feel all sorts of emotions, especially with lyrics such as “I’m dancing while drowning alone.” You better be ready for the new album next week! [SD]

Human Interest – Step On
‘Step On’ is one of those effortlessly cool indie-rock songs that makes you feel like a badass. Fully embracing indie sleaze sounds and aesthetics with some classic post-punk edge (mixed in for good measure), Human Interest is gearing up to be the ones to watch as they prepare to release their new EP. [VG]

Contributor Key:
[ND] Neve Dawson, [SD] Shawn-Ray Dalinsky, [VG] Vicky Greer, [TJ] TJ Foster

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