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The Round-Up (01/09/23)

The Round-Up is back …. even if she is fashionably late. For this, you can blame Bank Holiday Weekend and cancelled flights. Whilst the limelight has been on Reading, Leeds and everything that points Eastward, hot new tracks have still managed to catch the corner of our eyes here at Rodeo. Here’s what we think of them.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: SOFY – Ashley Cole Type Beat

Through a nostalgic 90’s sound and witty songwriting, SOFY’s produced another fun track, reminiscent of Lily Allen and Kate Nash. This new number is all about giving into temptation, doing things for yourself and being totally unapologetic about it, all whilst name-dropping the greatest left back to have ever graced a football pitch (I will fight anyone who disagrees). [JR]

Also new this week…

Molly Burman – Friday Pretty
North London’s Molly Burman is back, this time with her debut EP ‘Worlds Within Worlds’. Following the release of singles ‘Potential’ and ‘Beautiful People’, Burman has blessed us with ‘Friday Pretty’ – yet another earworm that has become the talk of the town. Paired with Burman’s stunningly controlled vocals is her pure songwriting talent, covering everything and anything from a pint at the usual to a date’s fake pretences that evermore make us swipe left. [ND]

She’s in Parties – L Word
Essex-based quartet She’s in Parties are back with yet another ethereal track reminiscent of dream pop and shoe gaze. Uniting the classic and contemporary, the new track ‘L Word’ is an ode to the unspoken and overspoken – a relatable account of sleepless nights and adolescent heartbreaks in the face of first romances. [ND]

FUR – I Don’t Know Why (But I Love You)
Brighton-based quartet FUR have grown considerably within the past couple of years – praised from the heavens by music journalists across the globe. Yet their quintessential jukebox diner sound remains unaltered – swaying and swinging new track ‘I Don’t Know Why (But I Love You)’ blends melancholia with a taste of retro rock n’ roll to create a track perfect for all you wannabe Penny Lane’s who love a bit too much eyeliner like me. [ND]

Scattered Ashes – Homeowners
There’s nothing better than Irish post-punk in my humble opinion, and Dublin’s Scattered Ashes are an exciting new addition to the scene. The new single ‘Homeowners’, produced by Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox, is a vulnerable look at what could have been with a big chorus that you can’t stop yourself singing along to. Give it a listen, and then catch the band on the tour across the UK and Ireland this month. [VG]

Trout – sad sad sad sad sad
This song isn’t just sad – it’s five times sad. (Actually, it’s not that bad… I mean, I’ve heard sadder. We’ve all heard ‘Hallelujah’, right?) I totally digressed here but, sad or not, trout has delivered a damn fine single here with some twangy, Death Cab-esque guitars and a shoegazey vocal to boot. Check it out – you probably won’t cry but it’s worth your time regardless. [TJ]

Jenny Owen Youngs – It’s Later Than You Think
Even if you’re not familiar with the name, chances are you’ve heard Jenny Owen Youngs’ work. (Fun fact: she’s one of the co-writers on Panic! at the Disco’s ‘High Hopes’) ‘It’s Later Than You Think’ sees her continuing her venture into lo-fi folk territory ahead of her first proper album release in about a decade. This is one to look forward to for sure. [TJ]

King Nun – Sinking Feeling
‘Sinking Feeling’ is a special song, written over the course of an entire relationship, beginning to end. It documents the lovestruck highs and heartbreaking lows in their alt-rock style. Taken from their upcoming album Lamb, which is definitely something to look forward to. [VG]

Mannequin Pussy – I Got Heaven
If you’re looking for something brash, loud and in your face today, look no further. Mannequin Pussy’s latest also features a lovely lyric asking the question, “What if Jesus himself ate my fucking snatch?” so, you know, it’s super uplifting as well. Fans of Wet Leg and Momma should find this one up their alley. [TJ]

Contributor Key:
[ND] Neve Dawson, [JR] Johnny Rogerson, [VG] Vicky Greer, [TJ] TJ Foster

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