The Round-Up (09/02/24)

Hey, folks. We’re back. Did ya miss us? We’ve spent a few months regrouping. Polishing off our lassos, if you will. And we’re looking forward to a good year. So far, February’s been oddly special as far as music goes… surely you’ve heard about THIS, right? Let’s keep that momentum going with some yee-haw worthy songs, newly released and highlighted in Rodeo fashion, below.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Madi Diaz – For Months Now

Another simply gorgeous and stunningly heartbreaking song from Madi Diaz. ‘I’ve been leaving you for months now…’ starts the chorus, the hairs on your arms instantly standing up. I’m a firm believer that, when done right, there’s nothing more powerful than a convinction-filled vocal over a lonely acoustic guitar. Madi always seems to do it right. [TF]

Also new this week…

Mason Ramsey – Here All Day
Do you remember the yodelling kid from Walmart? Well, he’s still releasing music, albeit with a deeper voice than when he was 11 years old. Now, he returns with ‘Here All Day’, a love song full to the brim with charm and twang. He may have risen to fame in an unconventional way, but this more mature and developed Ramsey is not the small, blonde child you will remember; he’s grown up and he means business. [GC]

Pixey – The Thrill of It
If you’re looking for a song that will get you out of the winter blues and transport you to summer then ‘The Thrill Of It’ is the one for you. Upbeat, cohesive and catchy, Pixey stuns as she threads her ethereal vocals throughout the synth and drum-led backing, which you can’t help but dance to. Though festival season may be far away, Pixey will have crowds captivated with this track. [AV]

Marry Middlefield – Heart’s Desire
Mary Middlefield’s new track ‘Heart’s Desire’ is driven by moody, emo-tinged guitar tones and airy, free-flowing vocals. After a gradual build-up, the latter half of the track soars into a monumental uproar, as the layers suddenly multiply, transforming ‘Heart’s Desire’ into a maximalist, cathartic release of emotion. Middlefield’s vocals grow in power while remaining soft and wistful, blending seamlessly with the harmonising vocalisations which are woven into the instrumental to drive her message home. [GC]

Dustin Kensrue – Death Valley Honeymoon
This captivating country track is the first single from Dustin Kensrue’s new solo album, Desert Dreaming. The tune features Canadian singer Cat Clyde, and their harmonious voices together bring a nostalgic feel as they tell the story of Kensrue’s grandparents’ honeymoon. It’s a song perfect for accompanying you kicking your cowboy boots along a dusty road at sunset, let’s say. [LW]

cruush – Headspace
The shoegaze revival is in fine form thanks to cruush leading the way. They have a unique way of crafting a floating, ethereal atmosphere that transports you to another world of delicate soundscapes and soft vocals. Take their advice: romanticise your life until you get it right, and escape into the dreamy world that cruush have created. [VG]

The Decemberists – Burial Ground
It’s been six long years since The Decemberists last released a record, and let’s be honest — it was kind of a clunker. So it’s great to have them back doing what they do best. And James Mercer even shows up! If ‘Burial Ground’ is a good representation of what’s to come, we’re in for a real treat. [TF]

Dea Matrona – Stuck on You
The first single off the Irish rock band’s debut album, For Your Sins, takes the best from their classic indie-rock inspirations. With a simple hook and driving bassline, the chorus will be stuck in your head quickly. The single gives a strong taste of what is coming on their debut LP with great vocals from the Belfast-born pair. Definitely one to catch on their upcoming UK tour that kicks off in May. [AW]

The Drives – Maybe I’m a Masochist
The Drives deliver once again with a tune that’s as complex in its production as it is hard-hitting lyrically. The masterful build-up at the beginning will have you rewinding the first thirty seconds over and over, and the upbeat, bright riffs in the chorus amidst some more lowkey guitar melodies lift the song even in its more subdued moments. The only negative is that you might have to Google the definition of ‘masochist’ (it’s okay, we won’t tell). [RG]

Faye Webster – Feeling Good Today
The latest single from Faye Webster’s upcoming fourth album, ‘Feeling Good Today’ sees her take a leaf out collaborator Liz Yachty’s book with the use of a vocoder as she puts a humorous spin on the mundanity of every day life. [MS]

Contributor Key:
[LW] Lydia Webb, [RG] Rory Graham, [TF] TJ Foster, [AV] Amrit Verdi, [VG] Vicky Greer,
[GC] Gemma Cockrell, [AW] Angus Wright, [MS] Minty Slater-Mearns

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