Video Premiere: Christina Ward presents ‘Trophy’

New Jersey-based Christina Ward is a singer/songwriter known for her mesmerizing blend of psychedelic, electronic-infused folk. Her latest single ‘Trophy’, premiering right here today, is an intimate journey through decay and reflection.

Ward’s musical prowess spans multiple instruments, but it’s her exceptional songwriting and vocals that shine through here, leading listeners on a sonic journey through a forest of drum machines, synthesisers, and effects.

‘Trophy’ comes from her upcoming EP, Shapeshifter, which showcases Ward’s uncanny ability to weave adversity into a triumphant sonic environment that features her skillful guitar work, tasteful touches of electronica, and layered vocals that cut like a dagger. 

Lyrically, Ward reflects on memories and achievements that now exist in the past, inviting listeners to explore the complexities of life.

“‘Trophy’ delves into themes of decay, nostalgia, and the passage of time,” she comments. “The imagery of white blooms falling on concrete, the dropping of a candle, and the mention of a trophy on the wall all evoke a sense of transience and fragility.”

Adding another layer to the narrative, the music video for ‘Trophy’ depicts a male figure carrying a heart in a jar, eventually handing it to a Gandalf-like figure. This visual metaphor suggests a representation of memories or experiences carried by the singer. Interpreting the video as a reflection on the passing of time, the viewer is left to contemplate the significance of each element.

In ‘Trophy’, Christina Ward masterfully explores the many layers of the human experience, and creates a canvas for personal reflection. It’s a poignant and introspective addition to Ward’s impressive body of work.

Stay tuned for her upcoming EP, Shapeshifter, by following her on Spotify.

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