Lime Garden take on love, fear and life with humour and charm

Capturing attention across the UK with their jaunty indie-pop singles and a sharp sense of humour, Lime Garden have quickly outgrown their home base of Brighton and made the whole country take notice. On their long-awaited debut album, One More Thing, they bring together the sound of four years of hard work, as well as the life lessons they learned along the way. Drawing on their experiences of the less glamorous aspects of coming up in the UK music scene, One More Thing is a relatable and charming coming-of-age record.

They have all the components of a classic indie rock sound – sharp-edged guitars, strong bass and electronic flourishes – but there is also a heavy pop influence weaved throughout this album. ‘Floor’ sees them experiment with autotune à la The 1975 and Courting, combined with effortlessly cool spoken post-punk. ‘Pop Star’ is, predictably, a similar pop experiment that understands the value of a strong rhythm section, with the cool, sarcastic wit of Marina. Previous single ‘I Want To Be You’ explores a softer side of this indie-pop style with more gentle vocals and an intricate guitar backing as Lime Garden explore the painful insecurity of obsession.

This is just one facet of the album that digs deep into what it means to grow as a young band. Whether it’s a nagging insecurity or a raw insight into what scares them the most in ‘Fears,’ One More Thing gives us an intimate sense of who Lime Garden are as people. ‘Pop Star’ explores the unusual double-life of being in a touring band while simultaneously working a day job – the reality for many bands in the UK nowadays.

Some of the most intriguing moments on the album are its softer tracks. ‘Pine’ is almost folkloric in its stripped-down string backing and gentle bass and sparse, stretching intro. ‘It’ and ‘Looking’ bring the album to a close with a similar quiet melancholy that subtly contrasts the cool, detached sarcasm of other tracks.

One More Thing’s defining feature is that it’s raw – a real glimpse into the band and their own lived experiences. While there may not be a specific sonic flourish that sets Lime Garden apart from their contemporaries, their prowess as storytellers on their debut album predicts exciting things to come.

Haiku Review:
A look inside to
Love, fear and life together
With cool wit and charm

Lime Garden’s fantastic debut is available tomorrow on all major streaming platforms, and of course on vinyl. Pick your poison HERE.

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