The Round-Up (16/02/24)

The big news this week was that the red team (Taylor’s Version) won the big American football match, just as all those pesky conspiracy theories predicted. Thank goodness that’s over. Now, on with the music, which there’s quite a lot of this week.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Balancing Act – She Plays the Theremin

Balancing Act return with a Kings of Leon-esque number, ‘She Plays The Theremin’. It’s a whirring track detailing the obsession that comes with love and mentions one of our favourite instruments ever: the theremin. This song sees the band take a giant leap towards anthemic indie-rock that they’ve always promised and you can hear it live on April 5th when they head to Manchester to play for us alongside Maxwell Varey and Beattie, tickets on sale here. [JR]

Also new this week…

Sierra Ferrell – I Could Drive You Crazy
Sierra Ferrell provides a third taste of forthcoming album, Trail of Flowers, with the playful ‘I Could Drive You Crazy’.  The verses are self-deprecating laments of the narrator’s inability to hunt, cook and keep time amongst other things and how that doesn’t matter when one person loves another. The chorus is simply a fun, sarcastic tease. It’s another mouth-watering taster of one of the year’s most highly-anticipated albums. [JR]

Dylan – The Alibi
Dylan bares all about emotional attachment in ‘The Alibi’ as she delves into what it’s like to be under the spell of someone – and a partner in crime, if you like. Though the instrumental is driving the track and is brilliant on its own, looking deeper into the track and its lyrics highlights another level of emotion, which Dylan’s raw vocals beautifully convey. As she matures, her music is maturing with her, and I can’t wait to see where the rest of the year takes her. [AV]

mary in the junkyard – Ghost
Following a sweltering summer of festivals and tour appearances, mary in the junkyard’s much-awaited second single ‘Ghost’ is finally here. Lit by candlelight, the track is beautifully haunting and ethereal, catalysing a surge of emotion with its needling guitars, varying tempos and caressing vocals. Clari Freeman-Taylor’s vocals are as light as air as we face the darkness of the night. Just like the track’s subject, we are “scared of change”, yet through ‘Ghost’ we are whimsically set free. We dance in our living rooms, dizzy with vertigo. We frolic down memory lane back to when we were teenagers with rosy cheeks and scraped knees, stealing late-night kisses from our first loves. It is new and it is effortlessly cool. [ND]

Ruby Waters – Adult Swim
Ruby Waters’ vocals immediately captivate on ‘Adult Swim’, standing out in the forefront of the track from the get-go, as she issues the commanding instruction, ‘Come over for a swim inside me…’ Conveniently released on Valentine’s Day, this track uses some metaphorical descriptions in its lyrics but it may as well not bother, since it manages to wear its true hot and heavy meaning right on its sleeve. But that is all part of the charm of ‘Adult Swim’; it’s a sexual, empowering, open and unapologetic anthem about losing yourself in a moment of passion. [GC]

The Wandering Hearts – Letter to Myself
Well, this is right up our alley. Gorgeous, three-part harmonies and that sweet, sweet country twang. ‘There’s beauty in the undiscovered…’ they sing in the chorus. Keep that in mind if you’ve never heard The Wandering Hearts, as there’s a whole lot of beauty to uncover here. [TF]

Alfie Templeman – Eyes Wide Shut
This candid piece of phaser-funk from Alfie Templeman marks a personal turning-point while stomping its way to a more positive outlook. With the handclaps and down-pitched vocals on the chorus, this is a cut that prioritises fun rather than deep confession – a decent romp while it goes. [SL]

TATYANA – Control
The pulsing beat of this intimate new single is so addictive. ‘Control’ comes from London-based artist TATYANA’s upcoming album that’s dropping in March, and this teaser is certainly creating hype for the full-length. We’re super excited about her sound and energy. She’s one to watch. [LW]

Yard Act – When the Laughter Stops
Two indie faves come together as Yard Act enlist Katy J. Pearson for ‘When The Laughter Stops’, the latest cut from their upcoming record, Where’s My Utopia?. Delivered with a killer combination of Katy’s smooth vocals and Yard Act’s sense of humour, it’s an earworm with a catchy chorus and wit so quick it’ll make your head spin. [VG]

Girl in Red – Too Much
She’s doing it again, baby. Girl in Red has dropped the highly anticipated first single from her upcoming full length. ‘Too Much’ is a warm pop song with an epic climax about acceptance that’ll surely get stuck in your head and your heart (much like the knife in the official video). Bonus points for that video featuring a rather cheeky Steamboat Willie feature – John Oliver will be so proud. [TF]

Lizzy McAlpine – Older
The title song off Lizzy McAlpine’s upcoming album, Older, is a gentle, gorgeous tune that tugs at your heartstrings in a way that Lizzy seems to specialise in. Simple, yet powerful piano chords ground the song, producing a soft melody that leaves space for Lizzy to fill in with quietly stunning vocals. The lyrics themselves are heartwrenchingly poignant, giving us all the feels with lines like ‘Over and over, watch it all pass / Mom’s getting older, I’m wanting it back…’ Someone grab the tissues, stat. [RG]

Mylar – Scribbled Sunset
The new single from this art-pop trio is a real funky, indie treat. The track is made up of 80s-inspired, glossy guitar melodies and Tom Short’s soulful vocals. ‘Scribbled Sunset’ is a teaser for the new EP coming in April – and with how much we love this tune, that can’t come quick enough! [LW]

Sabrina Song – Okay, Okay
The vulnerable lyrics, soft rock instrumentation and quiet vocal delivery of Sabrina Song’s ‘Okay Okay’” evoke the key qualities of Phoebe Bridgers’ Punisher, culminating in a song that sounds like Sabrina’s east coast reflecting Bridgers’ west right back at her. Perfect if you like articulate stories of love in crisis as Sabrina sings, ‘You’re gonna drown me like it’s a predetermined fate…’ but nothing particularly unique on this one. [SL]

Maren Morris – Dancing With Myself
Can’t say I had Maren Morris covering Billy Idol on my 2024 bingo card, but here we are. Maren puts her own spin on the classic and it’s an absolutely stunning rendition, even with the blatant V*r*z*n product placement throughout the video. Dance on, Maren. We love you. [TF]

Maggie Rogers – Don’t Forget Me
Driven by acoustic guitar, Maggie Rogers’ vocals soar on the chorus of ‘Don’t Forget Me’, complemented by the simple instrumentation which gives the track a secure frame to build itself around. The moments where Rogers’ voice blend slightly into the background during the verses only serve to accentuate the heights that the chorus reaches; ‘Don’t Forget Me’ feels like a flowing stream of narrative which naturally weaves its way through the motions, resulting in a gentle and comforting slice of country music. We all know that country music does bridges best – this is no exception. [GC]

Contributor Key:
[ND] Neve Dawson, [LW] Lydia Webb, [TF] TJ Foster, [AV] Amrit Virdi, [VG] Vicky Greer,
[GC] Gemma Cockrell, [RG] Rory Graham, [SL] Sam Lasley, [JR] Johnny Rogerson

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